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Valken, Everything Paintball

Valken paintball has been creating clothing for Woods ball and tournament ball for a long time now, and it shows. They've evolved from a company that was primarily based in paint to a company that has moved into clothing, protective gear, and harnesses. Valken is one of the most competitive Paintball industries on the market today because of their pride in craftsmanship and their wide selection on overall awesome products. You'll definitely want to check out the whole line of Valken Products while you are on Zephyr including; Valken pants, Valken Jerseys, Valken Paintballs, and Valken protective equipment. And when you have all your new Valken stuff, get out in that field and play the best game of Paintball you ever have!
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Valken Energy 9V Alkaline Batteries - 2 Pack
Zephyr Low Price: $5.95
Save: $1.00 (14%)
Valken Energy AAA Alkaline Batteries - 4 Pack
Zephyr Low Price: $4.95
Save: $1.00 (16%)
Valken Annex Premium Replacement Visor
Zephyr Low Price: $6.95
Valken V-Tac Echo Vest - A-Tacs
Zephyr Low Price: $99.95
Valken V-Tac SW-1 Paintball Marker - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $99.95
Save: $25.04 (20%)
Valken Computer Brief Bag
Zephyr Low Price: $31.95
Save: $13.00 (28%)
Valken Impact 2 Finger Gloves - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $36.95
Valken Autococker Complex Paintball Barrel System - 14 Inch
Zephyr Low Price: $39.95
Save: $10.00 (20%)
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Valken, everything paintball

Dedication, It's what Valken does

At Valken, dedication is nothing less than complete customer satisfaction while striving to maintain a healthy growth for the sport of Paintball in a positive, productive way. That means producing the highest quality products at fair and competitive prices. That means becoming the number one paintball product specialist. That means maximizing experiences for the people Valken caters to; you. By combining years of experience and knowledge with a unique, raw edge and toughness, Valken brings to the sport of paintball a freshness that has been sorely lacking these past few years. By combining years of experience and knowledge with a unique, raw edge and toughness, Valken brings to the sport of paintball a freshness that has been sorely lacking these past few years. The past few years have been tremendous for us here at Valken and the response from dealers and players alike has only further served to embolden us for the future. Valken continues to perfect their product model to help the player now and in the future. Valken is growing and looking forward to serving the paintball community for years and years to come.

V-max, evidence of pride

New technology went into the V-max Paintball loader, which boasts up to 30+ balls per second, a super light weight, tool-less dis-assembly, and one-touch on and off switch with LED display. Check out these hoppers today, and soon you will be the most feared player on the field.

V-tac, A new way to wear

This V-tac material is breathable, lightweight, available in an assortment of prizes, and adjustable. The V-tac series took our years of experience designing tournament paintball gear and combined them with modern military technologies and rugged mil-spec materials to create the ultimate scenario paintball line: V-TAC.
The result is innovations the woodsball world has never seen. Our gear resembles traditional BDU's but performs to the level of high-end tournament gear and beyond. We offer the largest variety of the most popular camo patterns (ACU, MARPAT, Tiger Stripe, V-Cam, Tactical, & Woodland). No proprietary camo here. This means that you won’t get stuck with camouflage that doesn’t match the rest of your gear.

Valken protective Equipment

Protect yourself with Valken's full line of protective equipment that includes Chest protectors, Body Armour, Slide shorts, elbow and knee pads, gloves and even neck guards. Most pads are made with high quality impact foam that absorbs the shock of the paintball and recoils it, so you only feel pressure. No more nasty bruises from Tournaments! Pads are made from Neoprene, breathable mesh, moisture wicking cloth and are anatomically fitted to pre-fit your arms, legs, torso, or whatever!


Valken makes the world's most popular paint with six brands to choose from Redemption, Graffiti, Crusade, Breach, fate, zing and Infiniti. All of these are high quality, brittle shelled paint that breaks reliably on the target for when you are out with your friends, or out in a high stakes tournament. The paint is bright and thick, so when it breaks on your target there will be no misconception that they are OUT!