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Viewloader, Innovation made for winning

Viewloader, is the world's leading manufacturer of paintball loaders and accessories. However, the company is not content to continue business as usual. Coming off a very successful launch of the VLocity, the world's fastest loader, Viewloader continues to push the envelope at all levels to see how much better they can get. Facing the ever increasing desire for faster performance, they are revamping our successful line and pushing the limits to design, engineer, and launch a line of products that is unparalleled in the paintball industry. At each price point, Viewloader continues to integrate new technology to feed the desires of the consumer and provide better value in the process.
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Dynasty Paintball Velocity Loader Upgrade Kit
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Viewloader, Innovation made for winning


The product offering ranges from the economical and best selling gravity feed VL-200 for the beginner with a feed rate of 8 balls per second to the XSV VLocity Select Force which was developed with the help of one of the top professional teams in the world and can perform up to 27 balls per second. But while the range of products is impressive, the depth is equally amazing. New products abound at viewloader! Viewloader is upgrading the popular eVLution line by incorporating the legendary Z-Board technology as a standard feature to go along with the iconic egg design and spill-proof lockable spring-loaded lid in the new eVLution 3.

eVLution 4

The eVLution 4 was built from the successful platform of the eVLution paintball loaders. This eye activated force feed loader is made of flexible impact resistant REVY material for the toughest of conditions. The new toolless quick release pins make this loader quick to access and easy to clean. Instant auto and quick-jam features dislodge the balls that get stuck and provide for a more consistent feed. Dual LED battery monitoring system gives you advance notice so you don't get in a jam. At an average of 18 BPS (Balls Per Second), this advanced loader from ViewLoader won't starve your marker, no matter how fast you shoot. Available in Black.

XSV Vlocity Select Force

The XSV VLocity Select Force, a product that represents the "best of the best." We have collaborated with the professional paintball team XSV in the development of a loader and rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack system for the players who compete at the top levels of our sport. Includes:
  • VLocity Select Force loader
  • Charging base
  • Two lithium-ion 9vt. rechargeable batteries