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Virtue Paintball... Their name and reputation very much proceeds this awesome company. Everyone from pro teams and players like the Russian Legion, Tampa Bay Damage, and the famous Oliver "Ollie" Lang, use Virtue boards in their markers. This company has brought a new element to the game. Everyone was now capable of shooting at speeds never thought possible with most markers... making them more air efficient so you can play longer. Also adding more firing modes and features to markers, that previously couldn't keep up with the higher end guns. Virtue has done it all!


  • Virtue boards are at the front of the technological wave in paintball products
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Unbeatable Customer Service
  • Virtue Boards are used by top pros around the world
  • Ease of Use
  • Tech support available at various National Level Tournaments

Tournament Legal

Virtue Hopper Upgrades
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Virtue Paintball Empire Axe Laser Eyes - Red
Zephyr Low Price: $29.95
Save: $4.00 (11%)
New Arrival
Virtue Custom Vio Paintball Mask Builder
Zephyr Low Price: $144.95
Save: $25.00 (14%)
Virtue VIO Contour Paintball Mask
Zephyr Low Price: $134.95
Virtue Paintball OLED Upgrade Board DM with Grips
Zephyr Low Price: $184.95
Save: $15.00 (7%)
Virtue Paintball Destroy Script Headwrap - Yellow
Zephyr Low Price: $14.95
Save: $10.04 (40%)
Virtue Spire Paintball Loader - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $184.95
Save: $15.00 (7%)
Virtue Spire 260 Round Replacement Shell - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $54.95
Save: $10.00 (15%)
Virtue Paintball Planet Eclipse Etha Redefined Upgrade Board
Zephyr Sale Price: $52.50
Save: $67.49 (56%)
Virtue Paintball Spyder Ramping Board
Zephyr Low Price: $34.50
Save: $35.49 (50%)
Virtue Paintball Rotor Soft Cycle
Zephyr Sale Price: $12.50
Save: $17.45 (58%)
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More Information:

Barrels, bolts, triggers...the same old upgrades, using the same old technology. Virtue is the only upgrade that actually replaces your gun's engine, improving performance at every level. Virtue is the only accessory in paintball guarenteed to UPGRADE your gun's engine. Virtue Paintball specializes in developing the most advanced aftermarket paintball gun upgrades to meet the demands of today's players.

Virtue products are simple drop in upgrades, and instantly boost your markers performance.

All of Virtues products are designed by an expert staff of programmers and engineers. Top amateur and professional players from around the world have served as their beta testers to ensure that their final products are the best on the market!