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» My Product is Broken or Doesn't Work.
If you receive a broken or damaged item or if the item seems to be defective right out of the box, please give us a call at 877-814-4297. We then can further instruct you whether to contact the manufacturer for assistance or provide you with an RMA number, all depending on the circumstance.
» Who Should I Contact for Warranty Repairs?
  • Ariakon - 877-427-4256
  • Brass Eagle/View Loader - 800-861-6095
  • CCI - 503-554-8095
  • Crossfire - 269-344-7600
  • Crosman - 800-724-7486
  • Custom Products - 480-539-4820
  • DOP - 765-286-9725
  • Dye/Proto - 858-536-5183
  • Dangerous Power - 909-869-7800
  • DXS/VForce - 866.688.8880
  • Echo1 USA - 626-448-9879
  • Guerilla Air - 847-640-9080
  • Indian Creek - 208-468-0446
  • J & J - 330-567-2455
  • JT USA - 800-587-2246
  • Kingman/Spyder - 888-546-4626
  • Lapco - 800-640-8085
  • Maddog Designz - 805-275-0927
  • Ninja Paintball - 877-646-5287
  • New Designz - 860-384-1810
  • Palco Sports - 866-2604908
  • Planet Eclipse - 401-247-9061
  • Redz - 877-873-3432
  • Shocktech - 708-862-4776
  • Smart Parts - 800-992-2147
  • TechT - 901-258-1976
  • Tiberius - 888-982-2842
  • Tippmann - 800-533-4831
  • Virtue - 631-617-5346
  • WDP - 617-830-1891
  • Worr Games - 800-755-5061
  • Paintball Solutions — BT, Diablo, Empire/Invert, PMI, Psycho Ballistics, 32 Degrees and Halo - 800-220-3222
» Do Paintballs Have a Warranty?
There is no warranty on paintballs. Zephyr Sports will inspect each bag to make sure there are no breaks prior to shipping, plus we will inspect the outside of every box that is shipped for any sign of damage. All of the products we sell have air pillows surrounding the product when we package them, this is to insure safe delivery. We cannot control the way a package is handled once it has left our warehouse. In some instances, small paint breaks can be contained. By taking the bag of paint with the broken ball and lightly rubbing them down with an old towel, you can easily restore the paintballs to pristine condition. Also, note that there will be a little bit of oil in each bag, this is not a break, the oil is used by the manufacturer in order to keep the balls fresh.

Paintballs damaged in transit by either weather conditions or rough handling are the customer's responsibility! Be sure to inspect the package when the product is delivered. If you need to file a claim for damaged goods please contact us at 877-814-4297 within 3 days of receiving your package. We will then file a claim with Fedex.
» Money Back Guarantee on Sunglasses.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and try that new pair of shades out for 30 days. NO RISK! When you buy any pair of sunglasses from ZephyrSunglasses.com you get a 30 day money back guarantee! If for some reason you do not like your item you can return them for a full refund of your purchased price provided that you file a money back return request within 30 days of delivery.

Terms and Conditions:

A refund will be issued for full purchase amount minus shipping. Shipping is not included if you change your mind.

You will have 30 days from the date that you receive your item for your trial period. You must file before your 30 days are up to qualify for the money back guarantee.

Your item must be unused and in brand new condition, so that we can resell the item as a brand new product. This includes the packaging and accessories, all items must be in brand new unused condition with original tags attached.

You must contact us for a RMA # before sending the item back to us.

You will then ship back the item to us and upon receiving the product and inspecting it, we will contact you.

Please allow 8-12 business days for processing.

Zephyr Sunglasses Returns
2970 Seaborg Ave
Ventura, CA., 93003
» Breakage Protection Plan on Sunglasses.
All sunglasses purchased from Zephyr come with Breakage Protection for ONE YEAR!

How it works

First, shop Zephyr and get yourself a pair of sunglasses.

If you so happen to damage them in the first year, just contact us and explain what happened. We can then replace your sunglasses with an identical pair AT COST plus replacement shipping.

The Breakage Protection Plan will cover your purchase for one year from the original purchase date. Any and all replacement sunglasses fall within the same time line as the ORIGINAL purchase.

This plan does not cover lost or stolen items.

How to redeem

You will need to return your damaged glasses to receive this coverage plan. Please contact us via phone call to get your RMA number; otherwise your package will be refused.

We will need your original order number as well. You received an email and a printed copy in your order with this information. Please include a copy with your damaged sunglasses. You will also be instructed to write clearly, your RMA number on the outside of the package.

You will then send back the damaged item for approval.

Once received, we will contact you for payment for the replacements sunglasses. We will then ship your new pair to you.
» General Airsoft Warranty
All products come with a manufacturers warranty of 30 days unless otherwise stated. If an item breaks or malfunctions under normal use you may request a RMA# within 30 days of delivery and return the item with the given RMA# for repair or replacement. Once a gun has been fired it is considered used and is NOT eligible for a refund. If due to lack of availability the item can not be replaced with the same model, a store credit will be issued instead of replacement.

We do not issue prepaid shipping labels for warranty service. The customer is responsible for shipping the product to Zephyr Sports. However we will cover the shipping of the serviced product back to you.

The warranty is void if the item is altered or abused (Examples: altering or removing the orange tip, disassembling, reusing BBs or shooting wrong type, weight or grade of BB, using paintballs or low quality BBs, dropping or mishandling the product).

Use of BBs found at local sporting goods stores (Wal-Mart, Dick’s, Sports Authority) will void all warranty on your airsoft gun. Those BBs are exceptionally low quality and will cause major issues with your airsoft gun. Please only get your BBs from dedicated airsoft shops or websites.

Some airsoft guns such as AEGs and Gas Guns require a specific grade of BBs known as High Polished. These are manufactured by such brands as KSC, Excel, Airsoft Elite, ECHO 1, TSD, Mad Bull, Tokyo Marui, Systema, Toy-tec, SIIS, Maruzen and Digicon. Use of any other brand in your AEG or Gas Gun will void its warranty.

If you take your gun apart the warranty is void! DO NOT take the gun apart or try to fix your gun unless under instruction from our service department.

Damage sustained during use in "war games" is not covered under warranty. In other words if you bought a car that was under warranty and ran it into a pole, the dealership isn't going to fix your car due to your negligence; so if a gun is hit against a tree or damaged from opposing gunfire the manufacturer will not pay to repair or replace the gun.

The warranty on some items is covered by the manufacturer or importer and does not fall under the Zephyr Sports warranty. These items will need to be returned to the importer or manufacturer for repair or replacement. We do not issue prepaid shipping labels. The customer is responsible for shipping the product.

“The item I purchased did not work when I got it. Why do I have to pay to ship it back when it came to me broken?”
All returns need to be evaluated by a Certified Airsoft Gun Technician to eliminate possible user error. If, after the evaluation, it is determined that the item in question has a manufacturers defect causing it to be unoperable out of the box, in most cases you will be compensated for the return shipping in the form of a store credit or a gift certificate. Under no condition will a refund be issued for return shipping costs. Compensation will cover base ground shipping and excludes expedited delivery, additional packing, insurance fees or other non essential services.

Zephyr Sports makes every effort to be as reasonable as possible. For example if you have done something to your gun so that it is no longer covered under warranty please just tell us the truth and we will do our best to help you. We understand accidents do and will happen so please be as accurate as possible when explaining how your gun broke.