Arbor Abec 7 Stainless Steel Bearings - (Set of 8)

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Arbor Abec 7 Stainless Steel Bearings - (Set of 8)
Arbor Abec 7 Stainless Steel Bearings - (Set of 8)
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Manufacturer: Arbor
Mfg. ID: BSS7
Sku: ARBR-5040-BSS7

Arbor Abec 7 Stainless Steel Bearings - (Set of 8)

Arbor's ABEC 7 bearings are made with performance in mind. They feature double sided rubber shields for easy cleaning, a blended grease and oil lubricant for long lasting high speed performance, and highly polished stainless steel components for smoother, corrosion resistant all weather skating. Skate faster - roll longer.


  • ABEC 7 Steel Bearings
  • Double sided rubber shieds
  • Easy Maintainence
  • Blend of grease and oil as lube
  • High speed performance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Stainless Steel

Skateboard bearings mount your wheels to the axle. Maintaining your bearings is essential to getting all that you can out of your board.

All skateboard bearings are the same size. It takes 8 bearings to fully upgrade a board. Two bearings per wheel one on each side of it to keep it stable and to help prevent grinding on the axle. The industry standard size is 608 with an 8 mm bore, a 22 mm outer diameter and a width of 7mm.

Bearings rated under the ABEC scale are typically called "precision bearings," and they are rated with a number from 1 to 9. Higher ratings are given to bearings manufactured against a higher standard of precision. A high number means tighter tolerances, higher quality and a more expensive bearing.