Azodin Kaos-D Paintball Gun - Orange Flame

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Azodin Kaos-D Paintball Gun - Orange Flame
Azodin Kaos-D Paintball Gun - Orange Flame
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Manufacturer: Azodin
Mfg. ID: AZDN-2010-00005
Sku: AZDN-2010-00005

Azodin introduces the new Kaos Deluxe to the world of Semi-Auto markers. With the latest technology of blow-back system design Kaos Deluxe is the ultimate choice for you.

Featuring our Zero Recoil Operation (ZeRO) System which incorporates the "Feather Striker System" and a revolutionary redesign of the Valve Engine to reduce operating pressure. ZeRO System minimizes the recoil signature of Kaos-D and enables the player to focus on aiming instead of controlling the marker.

An innovative "Twist Lock II" feedneck adds increased convenience and secures your loader tighter than ever before.


  • ZeRO System (Zero Recoil Operating System)
  • Feather Striker System
  • Twist Lock II Feedneck
  • 14" One Piece AZ Aluminum Barrel
  • Low Pressure Inline Regulator
  • On/Off Bottom ASA
  • Operates on CO2 or HPA


  • Weight: 1048 g / 2.31 lb / 37. oz
  • Length: 528 mm / 20.79 in
  • Height: 240 mm / 9.45 in
  • Width: 35 mm / 1.38 in
  • Barrel Thread: Interchangeable With Autococker Thread Barrels
  • Feedneck Thread: Interchangeable With Ion / Impulse Thread Feedneck
  • Low Pressure Inline Regulator: Standard ASA Thread
  • On/Off Bottom ASA: Interchangeable With Rail or Dovetail Mount

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Jason of Ohio
Good and Bad
Me and my bro bought two of these. First time out they worked like a charm. @ weeks later, spend the first 2-3 hours of the big game trying to get the thing to stop leaking and or even cycle. After that weekend, my Bro's has worked just fine all year. Mine however has been back to the factory twice now, though it seems its done with its rebellious habits. They work great, and will run until there is literally NO air left in the tank, though the Feedneck is a poor design, but its easy enough t...
Polo of Las vegas
Lots of headaches
Had 3 o-rings break the very first week i got it but when it does work it works great

Compatible with C02 & HPA / Compressed Air / Nitrogen. HPA is recommended for better air efficiency, quality, and overall maintenance of the marker.