Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black

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Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black
Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black
Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black
Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black
Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black
Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black
Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black
Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun - Black / Black
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Manufacturer: Dangerous Power
Mfg. ID: DP-2010-00006
Sku: DP-2010-00006

Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Marker

Dangerous Power is proud to announce the newest addition to the DP arsenal, the E1. Through Dangerous Power's master craftsmanship and high performance, the E1 brings enlightenment & supreme power to this class of paintball marker.


  • The entire operation system utilizes only 2 moving parts and six o-rings for maximum dependability and ease of maintenance / repair! (Fewer o-rings minimize 'bolt stick' due to less friction upon initial fire, and lessens the chance of first shot drop off)
  • Easy access to the bolt and assembly with provided tools. Only one screw to remove!
  • Signature Dangerous Power oversized grip frame enables user to purchase and customize grips.
  • Autococker threaded barrel.
  • Lightweight, 3-D milled body - entire marker, complete with ASA, feedneck, barrel and a 9V battery weighs in at only 1.9 pounds!
  • Low operating pressure (200psi) - ideal for even the most brittle tournament paint.
  • Built with an In-house custom designed solenoid, made to withstand extreme pressure for maximum reliability.
  • With the simple press of a button, you can toggle between: Semi-Auto, Full-Auto and Eyes On/Off modes on the E1.
  • 9.5" Single Barrel
  • Slide'n Lock Feedneck
  • Reinforced E1 Eye Cover
  • Reinforced Back Cap
  • Slim Profile Twist-Knob ASA
  • 3-Point Trigger adjustment
  • Operating Pressure Regulator (OPR)

Dangerous Power E1 uses a DM Feedneck

Optimum Performance at a Lower Price

The E1 touches the fine points of Dangerous Power's accomplishments and performance. The E1's strengthened core is constructed of our distinguished & popular "Dump-Valve System" & is equipped with a micro-switch board capable of firing in Semi-auto mode & Full-auto fire modes capped at 25 bps.

High Pressure Regulator

The E1's high pressure regulator is composed of the G3's highly accurate OPR system & internals. The E1's OPR's operation is service-friendly & easy to maintain.

Dump Valve Bolt System

The E1's Dump Valve system is one of the finest and very efficient firing systems for Dangerous Power's spool valve markers. Maintenance for the fire assembly is simple & is constructed of 2 moving parts. The E1's fire assembly and operation proceeds from the G3's heritage, DP's greatest achievement.


  • Length: 15.38inches / 390.8mm
  • Height: 7.58inches / 192.5mm
  • Weight: 869g / 1.91lbs (w/ battery)
  • Operating Pressure: 200psi/280bps

Dangerous Power Warranty

To the initial retail purchaser, to be free from defect in original materials and/or workmanship for twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase, with the following exceptions:

  • Disposable parts (batteries, o-rings, seals, micro switch, air pressure hose, rubber and/or plastic material parts, etc.) are not included in this limited lifetime warranty.
  • Electronic parts on this marker are fully warranted for 30 days from the original date of purchase.
  • Bolt and striker systems of this marker are fully warranted for 6 months from the original date of purchase.
  • Surface damages (scratches and nicks) or operation failure due to accident, neglect, modification, normal wear, operator error, maintenance by anyone other than an authorized dealer or agent, misuse, improper disassembly and reassembly, are expressly not covered under this warranty.


This product is NOT compatible with CO2. This product only operates with HPA, Nitrogen, or Compressed Air. Any use of C02 with this product will void all warranties.