Dye Limited Edition PGA DM14 Paintball Gun - Dye CAM

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Dye Limited Edition PGA DM14 Paintball Gun - Dye CAM
Dye Limited Edition PGA DM14 Paintball Gun - Dye CAM
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Manufacturer: Dye
Mfg. ID: 30285600
Sku: DYE-2010-30285600

Dye Limited Edition PGA DM14 Paintball Gun - Dye CAM

Dye has revamped the DM series paintball markers for 2014. The DM-14 represents over ten years of paintball marker evolution. Dye athletes demanded perfection, so that's what Dye strived for in all of their design decisions. Revamped and rebooted, the DM-14 is smaller and more air efficient that previous incarnations of the DM, with a streamlined design, nearly half and inch shorter than the DM-13. It is also easier to clean and maintain than ever before. When you take the field you an be sure DYE has spared no expense in putting pure performance in you hands, as the DM Series has been born again.


The DM14 is the first gas-thru tournament marker from Dye. The macro line has been removed to improve ergonomics and durability. Switching hands in tight situations has never been quicker or easier.

Low Profile Design

The DM14 has the lowest profile of any marker in the DM series. At nearly an inch shorter, the DM14 is streamlined for the most competitive profile possible. To accomplish this the LPR ha s been moved to the front and redesigned into a self contained cartridge for easy maintenance.

Reach Airport

Move your tank forward or backward to get the best fit for any tank and any player. The floating ASA holds the balanced cam lever system on/off toggle. When the knob is in the locked on position, air is delivered to the marker through the frame for maximum comfort and streamlined design. When released, trapped air is vented, allowing easy removal of tanks, reducing wear on regulator threads and o-rings.

Hyper 4 Regulator

The Hyper 4, the latest generation of Dye's trusted line of regulators, is the most reliable and consistent regulator Dye has ever made with the fastest disassembly available. Standard maintenance can be complete in under a minute, ensuring the best performance for your DM, day in and day out.

Quick Release Magnetic Bolt

The all new Quick Release Bolt Assembly is the fastest, easiest and most reliable bolt removal system on the market. A simple, one-touch spring loaded button allows the user to remove and re-install the bolt kit in seconds. Standard maintenance has never been easier or more accessible.

Eye Pipe Plateless Enclosure

The polycarbonate Eye-Pipe shields the anti-chip eye system from dirt and broken paint, creating a self-cleaning system that ensures the eyes are always monitoring the breech and ball drop. The seamless pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip-O-ring on every singe firing cycle.


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