Empire BT Trracer Pump Paintball Gun - Black

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Empire BT Trracer Pump Paintball Gun - Black
Empire BT Trracer Pump Paintball Gun - Black
Empire BT Trracer Pump Paintball Gun - Black
Empire BT Trracer Pump Paintball Gun - Black
Empire BT Trracer Pump Paintball Gun - Black
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Manufacturer: Empire
Mfg. ID: 17035
Sku: EMPR-2010-17035

Empire Bt Tracer Pump Gun

The internals of the new Empire Trracer paintball gun are compatible with the original PMI Trracer which have been proven for the past 15+ years.
When you take hold of the pump handle on the new Empire Trracer paintball gun you will feel the most comfortable and ergonomic handle. Those old days of struggling to pump your gun are gone for good.
Picatinny rails are mounted on the top of the Empire Tracer so you can mount all of your favorite accessories.
The Empire Tracer is compatible with either CO2 or HPA and will accept any Autococker threaded barrel or barrel kit. The Empire Tracer pump paintball gun is affordable to any new player, pump player or anyone looking to bring back some old memories.


  • 68 Caliber Pump Action Gun
  • Empire Trracer Based Off Of PMI Trracer
  • Internals Compatible With PMI Trracer
  • First Strike Compatible Breech
  • Picatinny Rails
  • Cocker Threaded 14" Barrel
  • Works w/ CO2 or HPA

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Cody of Pennsylvania
Trracer Review
The empire trracer is a really good pump gun. I really like it, it works fine and shoots great. Only buy this marker if you like playing pump, but this should be your first pump because it’s great. I have one and i’m going to sell it soon, I don’t think pump is right for me. Sometimes when you play for a while the pump handle gets stuck and it’s hard to pump it. Also if you play for a while, the handle will get loose and the whole bottom part will fall right off. Which you need a tool...
RP of TX
Empire Bt Tracer
This is a very accurate and light pump paintball marker. The Tracer is not good for starters though, in my opimion. Its easy to jam if you are not careful. It is great for well expirienced players with a small budjet. Id take this over the Lapco Grey Ghost!!!
Mark of Spring Grove
Nice Pump
Its a really nice gun especially for the price. Its light and small. It has auto cocker threading which means it can take the freak kit. Its accurate. All around its a good gun.
Covact The Barbian of Austin TX
Empire Tracer
I won a pre-release version of the Tracer at a Castle event at Petty Paint this Saturday. The next day I tried it out, I used a 3K Compressed air with a Gravity Hopper. With the Auto Trigger feature I was able to fire as fast as I could pump. It was accurate and fun. I will say the Pump action is a bit stiff and my arm tired quickly. On the down side I let my 10 year old play with it and he some how managed to chop a ball and jam it. I couldn't reproduce it and never happen again. The gun has...

Compatible with C02 & HPA / Compressed Air / Nitrogen. HPA is recommended for better air efficiency, quality, and overall maintenance of the marker.

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