Empire THT Grind Slide Shorts

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Empire THT Grind Slide Shorts
Empire THT Grind Slide Shorts
Empire THT Grind Slide Shorts
Empire THT Grind Slide Shorts
Zephyr Low Price:$59.95
Manufacturer: Empire
Mfg. ID: 2250-00009-PRT
Sku: EMPR-2250-00009-PRT

Empire THT Grind Slide Shorts

It doesn't take a genius to understand that protecting the most sensitive areas on the body is essential for any serious athlete. Paintball is a serious sport with all the painful impacts other sports dish out, so the maximum protection provided by the Empire Grind THT Slide Short is a must have! Input from top Empire professionals, like Dynasty and Infamous, means Empire's Grind THT paintball Slide Short delivers comfort, moisture-wicking materials and the padding to protect you from paintballs and all the sliding, diving, and crawling it takes to get from your end of the field to theirs.


  • Packed with padding for the very best personal protection. Admit it- you'd cry if you got shot there without it.
  • New knee pad loops hold knee pads up where they belong and prevent bunching!
  • Moisture-wicking materials and mesh construction prevent that "not so fresh feeling." But wash them anyway.
  • Input from top professionals makes these the most comfortable Slide Shorts ever!



  • Length - 16 inches
  • Minimum Waist - 26 inches
  • Maximum Waist - 28 inches


  • Length - 17 inches
  • Minimum Waist - 28 inches
  • Maximum Waist 30 inches


  • Length - 18 inches
  • Minimum Waist - 30 inches
  • Maximum Waist - 32 inches


  • Length - 19 inches
  • Minimum Waist - 34 inches
  • Maximum Waist - 36 inches


  • Length - 19 inches
  • Minimum Waist - 36 inches
  • Maximum Waist - 38 inches


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