JT USA Raptor Pump Paintball Gun

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JT USA Raptor Pump Paintball Gun
JT USA Raptor Pump Paintball Gun
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Manufacturer: JT Paintball
Mfg. ID: 16639
Sku: JT-2010-16639

JT Raptor Pump Marker Set

This is a pump action paintball marker that utilizes skill and accuracy over ropes of paint to get the job done. Perfect for new comers to the pump action scene or to new players to the sport of paintball!


  • Pump action .68 caliber paintball marker
  • Integrated hopper provides a sleek look and simplifies reloads
  • Ergonomic pump handle for smooth firing
  • Kit contains: Raptor Marker, Hopper, Paintballs

C02 NOT Included

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Farris of Austin Texas
JT USA raptor pump gun
i absolutely love this gun.... I got it a few days ago and its the shit at my local paintball feild i clocked about 300 FPS expecting maybe 200.... its very loud and good for its price.... i actually prefer using it more than the bt-4 or 98 custom i know its weird but i like this better for some reason
Lexus Mendez of Waterbury CT
cheap but realible
dont buy this if you really want to get into the sport spend 80$ and u can get a spyder victor or spyder sonix and get a hopper ,tank and mask. It is good if you want to play pump or backyard shooting or just a 1 time occasion decent accuracy holds about 75 balls and gets about 40 shots (20 for each 12g) which makes it extremely efficient.Has a good pump stroke.CONS:ALL PLASTIC and a little LOUD