Spyder Electra Paintball Gun - Black

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Spyder Electra Paintball Gun - Black
Spyder Electra Paintball Gun - Black
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Manufacturer: Kingman
Mfg. ID: 7109
Sku: KING-2010-7109

Includes 9.6v Rechargeable Battery (1) and Plug-In Dual 9v Battery charger. Also comes with a Full Feature Tadao Board already installed for a limited time.

Tadao Circuit Board Features:

  • LED Display
  • 5 Modes of Operation (Semi-Auto Unlimited), Semi-Auto 15 BPS, PSP Ramp, Millenium Ramp, and 3-Shot Burst)
  • Adjustable Trigger Debounce (5 Settings)
  • Forced Shot Feature
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Tournament Mode Lock
  • Semi-Auto Lock Switch


  • NEW Clamping Feedneck
  • "Synergy Engineering" Low Pressure Dual Air Source System
  • Break Beam Eye (Anti-Chop System)
  • Aluminum Eye Covers
  • 3 Modes of Operation (Semi-Auto, Ramp PSP, & Ramp Millennium)
  • Fast Charge Inline Regulator
  • Vented Pressure Relief On/Off CA Adapter
  • Reduced Overall Profile (25% Lighter and 15% Shorter)
  • Up to 25 BPS Rate of Fire
  • Steel Braided Hose Line
  • Quick Release Delrin Bolt
  • 12" Two Piece Micro Ported Barrel
  • 3-Way Adjustable Magnetic Response "Saber" Trigger
  • All Aluminum Constructed Body
  • Recessed Dual Texture Grip Panels
  • All Aluminum Trigger Frame with Integrated Dove Tail
  • Standard CA Thread Vertical Adapter
  • Compatible with a Spyder 9.6v Rechargeable Battery or a Premium 9v Alkaline Battery
  • External Velocity Adjuster
  • 300 PSI Operational Pressure
  • Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

The Kingman Spyder Electra will only work with a 9.6v rechargeable battery. The Electra does not support In-Gun Charging and is NOT designed to work with a generic 9v like Duracell, Energizer etc.

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Alex of alabama
spyder electra
I just ordered this gun thursday. hopefully it will get here around wednesday. I wont get it till friday. Cant wait to put some paint threww it and write a review
Jonathan of Aurora
Spyder Electra
This marker is a pretty bad gun. I bought this gun last year and the 20 times I've gone paintball, its failed like 17 of those times. One big problem is the battery, i have bought like 20 of those things and i bought the lithium battries so those are more espensive. Another big problem is that it's regulator is horrible, it's always leaking. There's also a couple other small problems, too.
Eric Setlock of Kings Mountain
Spyder Electra review
I bought this gun off of here a while back and it was shipped and quickly got here, first of all the box is false advertisement claiming it functioned on a normal 9v battery then on the bottom in small lettering it says you need the "Spyder 9.7v". After figuring this out i figured that was the problem so i bought the battery for 13 dollars and patiently waited. As soon as i received the battery i was excited so i charged it up and put it in the gun. To my demise the gun Still didn't work! I c...
Caleb of Ohio
Spyder electra
I went paintballing today playied 5 or 6 games. Stock barrel is terrible but my friend sold me a good one playied with that. This gun can easily hold its own against some of the high end guns. Aganist popular believe this is not a good starter gun u have two others way better for begieners. CO2 works with it just fine going to get a Hpa tank though. Over all i give this gun a 8
caleb of Oh
Spyder electra
I just got this gun a couple days ago. pretty good gun so far going paintballing tommarow. Tado board takes some getting use to. stock barrle is not very good but bps makes up for it. doesnt work with any 9v that iv tried exept the spyder rechargeable the bolt wouldnt go forward with out the rechargeable. but for 200 dollars this gun can keep up with the others I'v seen and shot that cost twice as much.over all really good gun with very few flaws .
J.Eary of Missouri
Spyder Electra
I agree that you need high-quality 9v batteries, cheap ones will not perform very well, if at all. Love the gun, have upgraded springs, however I have experienced leaks since switching to high-pressure air instead of co2. Have yet to correct it permanently, since it happens intermittently...
Justin of Missouri
Spyder Electra
Great marker but if you but it make sure to get spyders 9.6v batterie and charger. does not work with normal 9 volts
Tyler of Bountiful Utah
Spyder Electra
This is a great gun, I know there are a lot of spyder haters out there but there are not many downsides to this gun. It is light and durable you can also get many upgrades for it like on mine i for sure would get the 9.6v battery that is a must. But i got a chip for it called the musashi 7 chip found on tadaos web site it works wonders for this gun. Get this gun!!!!