Madbull Airsoft Ultimate 3-1 Hop Up Chamber

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Madbull Airsoft Ultimate 3-1 Hop Up Chamber
Madbull Airsoft Ultimate 3-1 Hop Up Chamber
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Manufacturer: Mad Bull
Sku: MB-2440-00001

Madbull Airsoft Ultimate 3 in 1 Hop Up Chamber

Features 3 Functions in 1:

  • (1) Tracer unit: You can attach a MadBull LED tracer unit on this Hopup unit. This is an optional accessory and will be available soon.

  • (2) Chamber lock: With this new hop up design you will not have to worry about losing and dropping several bb's with a magazine change. This new design provides you with a way to keep bb's in your AEG and ready to use and not on the floor and even better it stabilizes the top of the magazine to ensure a secure and flawless feed of bb's into the AEG. You can take out the oring if you don't like this function. This function is designed by Brian Holt.

  • (3) Easy adjust Hopup: Compared to traditional Hopup, our Hopup can be adjust easily.

M4/M16 Style Hop Up
  • * * Inner Barrel Not Included* *

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