Oakley LF SI Assault Boot 8" - Black

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Oakley LF SI Assault Boot 8" - Black
Oakley LF SI Assault Boot 8" - Black
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Manufacturer: Oakley
Mfg. ID: 11121-001
Sku: OKLY-0095-00011_PRT

Oakley LF SI Assault Boot 8" - Black

Oakley has engineered their share of combat gear for the U.S. military, including boots for the Elite Special Forces. The OAKLEY S.I. ASSAULT BOOT is how defense spending pays dividends. This footwear is designed for improved comfort in hot environments. Oakley optimized breathability by eliminating the foams that normally add thermal shielding in cold domains, and Oakley kept all the premium innovations you expect from Oakley Assault Boots.

The OAKLEY S.I. ASSAULT BOOT is jump ready, thanks to an over-the-ankle support shaft and a low profile lacing system that reduces entanglement risk. When you're on the march in tough territory, you'll have the comfort and feel of a lightweight design inspired by athletic shoes. The full grain leather is soft and stealthy quiet. Stability is critical when you're hauling a heavy pack, so Oakley put a lot of R & D into the footprint to give you rock-solid footing for load bearing activities. And Oakley didn't stop there. The outsoles have directional lugs and they're made of a special compound from Vibram that maximizes traction on wet/dry surfaces over a wide range of terrain.

Unrivaled performance comes with improved breathability and a level of comfort you have to experience to believe. That includes prime urethane cushioning and true biomechanical support. If you've never tried on an Oakley design, it's time to rethink your entire concept of boots. You may not be planning a desert assault or dune skirmish, but if you're into outdoor exploration in warmer weather, this is the boot for you.


  • Unencumbered full-speed performance of lightweight, athletically inspired design
  • Comfort, support and sound mitigation of full grain leather with soft temper
  • Wet/dry slip resistance on smooth and rough surfaces, optimized by Vibram outsole with directional lug design
  • Shock absorption of prime urethane with cushioning and biomechanical support of anatomical curvature
  • High stability for load bearing applications via engineered outsole footprint
  • Jump-ready design with over-the-ankle boot shaft and low profile lacing system
  • Excellent durability for fast rope maneuvers, optimized by abrasion resistant outsole material
  • Gusseted tongue to prevent entry of debris
  • Height: Six inches
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