Virtue Paintball OLED Upgrade Board Ion/Eos/Epiphany with Grips

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Virtue Paintball OLED Upgrade Board Ion/Eos/Epiphany with Grips
Virtue Paintball OLED Upgrade Board Ion/Eos/Epiphany with Grips
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Manufacturer: Virtue

Includes Virtue Guns N Style grips with window


  • Fits the Ion, Ion XE, Epiphany and Eos markers
  • Note: OLED Board does NOT work with a membrane pad
  • Monochrome OLED Display for easy text readouts even in direct sunlight.
  • Includes Virtue Guns N Style grips with window
  • Maintenance Monitor Lube monitor tracks your markers lubrication level and reminds you when its time to re-lube.
  • 11 Modes of fire Semi Auto, PSP, NXL, Millennium, Auto Response, Full Auto, Breakout, Burst, Ramp, Select-a-mode, Training Mode
  • Adjustable Game Timer
  • Rate of Fire Meter
  • 4 Player Profiles Quick start your settings to play multiple formats. Player Profiles include NPPL, PSP, NXL, and Millennium. Player Profiles can be adjusted and permanently stored to your style of play.
  • Wireless RF 1 way and 2 way upgradeable Ready for the upcoming Virtue 1 way and 2 way wireless platform.
  • 7 Drill Modes!
  • Virtue OLED Drills improve your game using similar techniques employed by Pro Paintball Players and Olympic Athletes alike - continual improvement through building muscle memory. Each drill is designed to accomplish a small, short task. It's not like scrimmaging an entire game, but rather breaking down the core components of playing paintball and REPEATEDLY drilling them over-and-over again until your reaction time improves as your muscle memory builds up.
  • As your reaction time improves, your game will improve also. Using Virtue OLED Drills, keep two things in mind. Keep track of your top time, and always strive to beat it. And dont cheat in order to get a faster time -- youll only be cheating yourself. Once you have mastered OLEDs 8 Drills, think about how you could make your own Drill. There are hundreds of Drills you can creating using the current "Drill Mode programs".
  • Laning, Breakout, Reload Practice, Reload Monitor, Front, Ollie Lang, Russian Legion Drill Modes.
  • Training Mode with real time rate of fire indicator
  • Virtue Trigger Logic Expanded - New ATS (Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity Setting) monitors the trigger speed and detects that as you shoot faster, a higher percent of processor power is devoted to monitoring the trigger to increase sensitivity, this allows the marker to be more responsive when you are shooting long streams of paint at high rates of fire.
  • USB Upgradable connect a PCB-serial-to USB cable to instantly add new modes, features, and custom graphics to your board.
  • More adjustable settings than ever before: Over 20 adjustable settings including Dwell, Closing Dwell (Mini), Anti-Mechanical Bounce (AMB), Eye Malfunction Rate of Fire; Debounce, Firing Mode, 4 Player Profiles, Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity, Eye Delay, Anti Breech Bounce, Anti Bolt Stick, Post Breakout Mode, Ramp Activation Speed, Ramp Percentage, Ramp Shot Count, Ramp Reset Time, Burst Shots, Auto Shutdown Time, Audio.
  • Increased Power Efficient Software - Nearly Zero Power Consumption in standby mode.
  • Fail Safe Factory Reset Reset all settings to the Factory Defaults.
  • Easiest and Fastest to use programming menu ever The Virtue OLED series takes "Simple Trigger Programming" to a whole new level. Text readouts of your current setting and value, along with being able to move backwards and forwards in the menu, as well as the new "quickscroll" feature makes programming your Virtue Oled board a breeze.
  • Faster Microprocessor The Virtue Oled Series consists of 16mhz and 32mhz microprocessors. 100% to 200% faster then the competition, and our line of Redefined LED virtue boards.
  • Audio Indicator Confirms adjustments and changes to your markers status. Can also be turned off in the programming menu for those qu

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Ryan of washington
best upgrade
this board is probably the best thing you can do to your smart parts gun. my ion works as good as the 1000 dollar high class markers. easy to install, OLED board is bright and easy to read, and the easiest board to program. you can make your gun do EXACTLY what you want it to. the lifetime warranty from Virtue is a big plus too. transform your marker into a rope shooting beast and buy this board!
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