Azodin Blitz Electronic Paintball Marker - Black

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Azodin Blitz Electronic Paintball Marker - Black
Azodin Blitz Electronic Paintball Marker - Black
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Manufacturer: Azodin
Mfg. ID: E001

BLITZ Combines the revolutionary "FEATHER Striker System" with the feature-laden "ZEN" Circuit Board to give players an unparalleled edge.

The new "Feather Striker System" is 30% lighter than traditional striker design. This breakthrough reduces the mechanical recoil. This recoil reduction gives players a smoother shooting marker. The "ZEN" Circuit Board comes standard with advanced modes that comply with the regulation of major circuits. Players can take the BLITZ out of the box and hit the fields across the world and dominate the competitions.

BLITZ also features Autococker barrel thread, Ion feedneck thread, Dovetail rail and standard ASA mounting screw placements. Players can be sure that BLITZ will allow you to utilize the broadest range of aftermarket accessories to customize the marker to your individuality.

Azodin Blitz Marker Features

  • Feather Striker System
  • Low Pressure Inline Regulator
  • Anti Chop Break Beam Eye System
  • Zen Board With Nppl Semi, Psp Ramp, CFOA Semi and Millennium Ramp
  • Low Rise Twist Lock Feed Neck
  • Aluminum Grip Frame
  • Light Weight and Low Profile Design
  • Quick Release Delrin Bolt
  • None-Slip Rubber Grip Pannls
  • Operates on CO2 or HPA
  • Barrel Thread: Interchangeable With Autococker Thread Barrel
  • Feedneck Thread: Interchangeable With ION/Impulse Thread Feedneck
  • Low Pressure Inline Regulator: Standard ASA Thread
  • Bottom ASA: Interchangeable With Rail or Dovetail Mount

Azodin Blitz Specifications

  • Weight: 1115 g / 2.46 lbs / 39.26 oz
  • Length: 477.4mm / 18.8in
  • Height: 240.47mm / 9.5in
  • Width: 35mm / 1.38in

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ThePaintballB of AZ
Accurate, Affordable, and Amazing
I have nothing bad to say about this gun. The trigger is so much better than I expected. It shoots great and isn't loud for being a poppet style gun. If your a beginner I would highly recommend starting with this gun, you wont be disappointed.
Derek Morris of USA
This is my first gun and it is the best. Get it now if you don't have a gun or just don't have an electronic gun. Shoots great I pwn everyone on the paintball field. Zen board is easy to use. If you send it back to the azodin factory they can put any mode you want on it if you give them a note. My trigger got stuck the first time but I fixed it. Use hpa not co2. Easy to take apart and clean. I wish the had more colors though.
Azodin Blitz
Wow just got this gun it is very very very good if i were u and you are in a buget get this gun trust me very easy to clean
ee of north carolina
this gun
i got it for christmas and it is amzing 2o bps its true also it is light get it its the best but the barrel is a little ioff target but still the best gun
sc of my home
paintball gun
AWESOME gun! works great . no pops and shoots fast. get it NOW!!!
Geoffrey Schultz of San Diego, CA
Azodin Blitz
The Azodin Blitz is, in my opinion, the best gun if it is your first gun. You might think that it is just another version of a Spyder Pilot but actually it is almost nothing like it. I have shot a Pilot and in comparison the Blitz is easily the better choice. The only other gun that is in its category is the Smart Parts Vibe. Do you really need anymore explanation to buy this gun. P.S. Use compressed air Co2 sucks.
Christofur of California
Azodin Blitz is an awesome gun
This is my second gun and I have to say it is a very very solid and nice shooting gun. It has eyes also which is a big plus. Runs on both Co2 and HPA. This is a really good gun. Get it and you won't be disappointed.
christian of california
this gun is awesome. it was my first gun and i would use this gun over a slg, mini, ion,and any other guns like that without even thinking
xdegree of san fernando
thsi gun is really good and durable it can actually got to 21 bps. nice light weight my team loves it

Compatible with C02 & HPA / Compressed Air / Nitrogen. HPA is recommended for better air efficiency, quality, and overall maintenance of the marker.