Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker - Black

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Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker - Black
Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker - Black
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Manufacturer: Azodin

Developed with the highest standard in mind, KAOS incorporates the latest technological breakthrough, while providing standard features that are on $1000 markers. KAOS gives players the competitive edge on the field of battle.

The new "Feather Striker System" is 30% lighter than the traditional striker design. This breakthrough reduces the mechanical recoil and allows the KAOS to be smoothest handling semi-auto marker on the market.

Overall length and the profile of the receiver body have been re-engineered to be shorter and lower. This compact design makes the KAOS one of the lightest markers at 2.1 lbs.


  • Feather Striker System
  • Top Cocking Pull Pin
  • Quick Release Delrin Bolt
  • Low Rise Twist Lock Feed Neck
  • 12" Single Piece Barrel
  • Double Ball Detents
  • Gas-Thru Foregrip
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip Panels
  • Aluminum Grip Frame With Dovetail And Direct Screw Mount
  • Operates on CO2 or HPA
  • Barrel Thread: Interchangeable With Autococker Thread Barrel
  • Feedneck Thread: Interchangeable ASA Threads With ION/Impulse Thread Feedneck
  • Gas-Thru Foregrip: Standard ASA Threads Interchangeable With CO2/HPA Tank
  • Grip Frame: Interchangeable Frame: Interchangeable With Blitz Electronic Grip Frame
  • Bottom ASA: Interchangeable With Rail or Dovetail Mount


  • Weight: 955 g / 2.1 lbs / 33.7 oz
  • Length: 464.5mm / 18.29in
  • Height: 225.5mm / 8.88in
  • Width: 33mm / 1.3in

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Marc Lifson of WV
Azodin Kaos
Beautiful! This paintball marker is an exceedingly accurate marker out of the box. First match with it, three outs! The only issue I had with it was that the trigger would go back far enough to hit the handle of the marker when you pull it, but that isn't a big problem! 9/10!
Reviewer of Mystery
Get this gun!!!!!!
This gun is a very accurate, light, and reliable piece of equipment. I would recommend this gun to anyone! GET THIS GUN
spencer renck of kentucky
this is an ok gun i have it and played a few speedball games and won all of them its pretty acurate. there is some balls that get chopped but easy to clean, IT IS PERFECT FOR A BEGINNER. ESPICIALLY FOR THE PRICE.
Dwight of Ireland
The gun
This gun is a very very nice begginer weapon. It is a very reliable weapon. Used alot as back up but this is a great begginer weapon. I highly recommend this to any new players
ben woida clark of des moines iowa
azodin kaos
this gun is amazing! my friend used this gun on an airball field it worked wonders! with a few trigger adjusments and a silenced bolt upgrade this may be the best begginer gun out there!
Mitch of Texas
Great for price. No complaints.
Bought as a back up. Main selling point was the cocker threads. Huge Plus!
adam W of Pennsvania
paintball gun
this gun's awesome!
This gun looks good
I was looking for a new gun and i wanted one for a good price so i found this one and it was amazing for its price
remy of british coloumbia
paintball gun
this looks like a light gun and im looking 4 a new light gun
Shane M. of Azusa CA
Good entry gun
This is a pretty good gun for the money. It almost looks like the spyder Xtra but is way better

Compatible with C02 & HPA / Compressed Air / Nitrogen. HPA is recommended for better air efficiency, quality, and overall maintenance of the marker.