Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Gun - Black

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Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Gun - Black
Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Gun - Black
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Manufacturer: Dangerous Power
Mfg. ID: G3BLK

From the trials and test of the Threshold a new design has arrived to take the helm. The G3's entire operation utilizes only 2 moving parts and 6 O-Rings, for Maximum dependability and ease of maintenance.

Dangerous Power G3 Features

  • Easy access to bolt and assembly. Only one screw to remove No hassle Dip switch's allow for selection of 5 firing modes and adjustment of the Dwell;
  • CFOA - Semi - 15bps
  • NPPL - Semi - 25bps
  • PSP - Ramping - 15bps
  • MILL - Ramping - 12bps
  • NXL - Ramping->Auto - 15bps
  • PSP - Ramping - 13bps
  • Operates at 180 - 200psi for more shots and ability to use brittle tournament grade paint.

Standard Features:

  • G3 Marker Body
  • Autococker Threaded Barrel
  • New Xtreme Grip Feedneck
  • Redesigned RAPS
  • Barrel Cover
  • 11-piece hex key set
  • replacement O-rings
  • Owners Manual
  • Warranty card
  • DP Key chain
  • DP Decals
  • Uses HP or LP HPA/N2/Compressed Air Tank.

Online Owners Manual available

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dylan of jersey
nice job dp
best marker in its price range but highly recommend getting a new board for this if you play speedball or tournament solid gun 5/5
Ian of GA
dp g3
AMAZING gun, great right out of the box 10/10
bobby lemon of new york
this gun is so crazy i have one this gun with a halo hopper is unstoppable trust me get it you wont be dissapointed
logan of canada
all of the dangerous power guns
i dont feel like writting a review on every dangerous power guns so im just going to say ALL OF DANGEROUS POWER GUNS ARE AWSOME!!!
sawer of kansas city
this gun is the best its super light and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jml of
g3 is the best gun in the intire world add to your cart right now go ahead do it
nick of delaware
the best gun iv'e used. i thought it was better than my ego and my mini. it is the best gun for 300. its so freekin awesome.
nick of delaware
its so sick its better than my ego
Gregg of roseville, CA
black g3
ok so today is the 3rd time i used it and someone thought it cost 1000$ lol, but anyways the gun is great very consistant and i love the ASA very easy to use and simple
Camerron of California
Its a great gun but every now and then you will get some problems but this gun is great for the price it shoots great. very simple to clean and a lot of great features great gun for 300 buy it
sean of
dp g3
this gun is the best gun on the market for 300 dollars
John of Texas
This is a freakin awesome gun!!! it's so light and works well with a nitrogen air tank
Max Keeley of St. Louis MO
Gun is a greeat Buy
This gun is amazing, incredibly accurate and affordibale for its quality, great speedball gun, only upgrades maybe rear pressure measuring device and barrel
Noah Finch of Ventura California
I love it. It is so light and you don't have to fix it. Its just out of the box turn it on and shoot something.
Scott O of Pine Island,MN