Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Gun - Orange / Black

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Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Gun - Orange / Black
Dangerous Power G3 Paintball Gun - Orange / Black
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Manufacturer: Dangerous Power

From the trials and test of the Threshold a new design has arrived to take the helm. The G3's entire operation utilizes only 2 moving parts and 6 O-Rings, for Maximum dependability and ease of maintenance.

Dangerous Power G3 Features

  • Easy access to bolt and assembly. Only one screw to remove No hassle Dip switch's allow for selection of 5 firing modes and adjustment of the Dwell;
  • CFOA - Semi - 15bps
  • NPPL - Semi - 25bps
  • PSP - Ramping - 15bps
  • MILL - Ramping - 12bps
  • NXL - Ramping->Auto - 15bps
  • PSP - Ramping - 13bps
  • Operates at 180 - 200psi for more shots and ability to use brittle tournament grade paint.

Standard Features:

  • G3 Marker Body
  • Autococker Threaded 2 Piece Barrel
  • New Xtreme Grip Feedneck
  • Redesigned RAPS
  • Barrel Cover
  • 11-piece hex key set
  • replacement O-rings
  • Owners Manual
  • Warranty card
  • DP Key chain
  • DP Decals

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Sean of Merrimack
this gun i great it is light and shoots perfect for the price the only problems is the reg is king of inconsistent and the opticle switch is annoying also but im kind of a micro switch kind of guy
Zack of PA
this is my first gun and it looks so cool and i shot it a few times in the back yard..but i went to a field and played yesterday and my friend was so jealous and it worked great and i shot my friend in the face 5 times in one game of 1 vs 1 =) sorry for the short story but overall GREAT GUN!
kipp of Springfield, Mo
This gun is the best gun i have honestly ever owned and i have owned a lot of guns i took it out of the box and bam turned on and worked like a chrm it was really cool because there is no choping or any thing but somrthings to woek on are the trigger it is a little lose it has a little bit of a rock back and the barrel but other wise the gun is GREAT!!!!
Alex G. of Norfolk, VA
this gun is amazing i literally took it out of the box and it worked perfectly. Its really accurate and shoots good, i would reccomend a new trigger and a new barrel but other than that this gun is awesome!
ziad ward of bethesda maryland
dangerous power g3 review
i got the product on time and in perfect condition and at first i was very happy with it but then the first time i used it I couldn't hit anything because my striker o-ring was getting pinched on the bottom of the feed neck which was chopping all the paintball that went into the breach but I quickly fixed the problem by putting a smaller sized o-ring on it the size the manual recommends is 5 but use the smaller one now my G3 shoots great i am very happy with it i would appreciate it if someon...