Dangerous Power G3 Pressure Measuring Device - Black

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Dangerous Power G3 Pressure Measuring Device - Black
Dangerous Power G3 Pressure Measuring Device - Black
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Manufacturer: Dangerous Power
The G3 Pressure Measuring Device (PMD) is once again, a groundbreaking original design from the engineers at Dangerous Power. The PMD for the G3 allows the paintball enthusiast to monitor air pressure, guard against air spikes, 'creep' or loss of pressure commonly experienced during paintball play. The unique design of the G3, the first of its kind, is the only design that allows the utilization of a rear gauge in this manner.
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Ben of Rockwall, TX
In my opinion the PMD for the G3 is a MUST HAVE! You can seriously damage your marker if you over pressurize it and the adjustment on the G3 is VERY sensitive. Since most of us don't have a chronograph and also like to shoot in our backyards it's nice to know you can adjust your marker without damaging it!