Empire Mini Paintball Gun - Dust Black

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Empire Mini Paintball Gun - Dust Black
Empire Mini Paintball Gun - Dust Black
Empire Mini Paintball Gun - Dust Black
Empire Mini Paintball Gun - Dust Black
Empire Mini Paintball Gun - Dust Black
Empire Mini Paintball Gun - Dust Black
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Manufacturer: Empire
Mfg. ID: 17485

Empire Mini Paintball Gun

The think-tank at Empire paintball has incorporated unique, patented valve and flow technology designs into this high performance tournament-grade marker. The single tube poppet system is not only innovative, but it delivers on a promise of incredible velocity, consistency and accuracy. The Empire MINI is small, but ergonomically designed to fit right and exceed your expectations. There are NO HOSES or barbs anywhere in this gun and circuit boards have eliminated almost every wire in the Empire MINI.

Empire Mini Paintball Marker Features

  • Weighing in under 2 lbs (including barrel, ASA, 9volt battery and regulator) the Invert Mini might be THE Lightest & Tightest electronic marker available
  • NEW patented proprietary P.C.P. (Pressure Controlled Poppet) operating system
  • NEW patented proprietary MINI Regulator/ASA
  • NEW patented proprietary Slipstream solenoid
  • Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes Standard
  • Multi-mode (NXL, PSP, NPPL & Millennium) firing capability with easy tournament lockout
  • Clamping feed-neck with Ion (Smart Parts)/ICD threads
  • 11.5" Autococker Threaded Barrel
  • No hoses to crimp or break!

One year limited manufacturers warranty

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Zach of canada
invert mini
this is a good gun, good for the recreational player, a step up from your first gun. if you want to play everyonce and awhile, maybe a big game here and there this is deffinitlly the gun for you, maybe a good tournament gun for some people, but id recomend a different gun for speedball/airball/ tournament players, something alittle more expensive but will be worth it on the flip side
Kellogg of Oklahoma
Mini monster
This gun is great for it's price i heard others having problems with it messing up but the reason was because they never maintained it. Maintain this and it will run forever
Paintball juggernaut of Ohio
Best gun I've ever had it shoots really fast, it's really light weight, easy to change firing modes. The only bad thing about it is when it gets wet you have to clean it as soon as possible or you'll ruin your gun but anyway if you buy this you won't be disappointed
coleman of sc mrytle beach
invert mini
great gun no kick great for snake players and up field players
barney of texas
invert mini
great gun light weight and good price i love it
ric gonzalez of san jose ca
get this gun
i love this gun its way better then my x7 but the only thing that you should do when you get this gun is to lock tight all the bolts they tend to wiggle out when you are playing
oliver lang of san diego, ca
this gun is freakin' awesome!!! i love how it is so durable!! i love accurricy
product manual

This product is NOT compatible with CO2. This product only operates with HPA, Nitrogen, or Compressed Air. Any use of C02 with this product will void all warranties.