Guerrilla Paintball Air Myth 48ci 3000psi HP Tank

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Guerrilla Paintball Air Myth 48ci 3000psi HP Tank
Guerrilla Paintball Air Myth 48ci 3000psi HP Tank
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Manufacturer: Guerrilla Air
Mfg. ID: MS800
Sku: PB-GA-483000

Check out this Guerrilla 48ci 3000psi High Pressure Air tank with the M3 Myth regulator!

Guerrilla Air Features

  • High pressure tanks screw directly into your gun
  • Lowest profile tank on the market
  • Lightest tank on the market
  • Patented Guerrilla Air Myth M3 Regulator
  • Preset at 800 PSI
  • 2.8 lbs
  • 650 Shot count
  • 9 7/8 height including Myth Reg
  • Hydro Date 9/12 valid through 8/17

Authorized Guerrilla Air dealer. Don't accept cheap imitations

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Evan of
Great tank alittle heavier and less air than carbon fiber but the price is amazing
rick mcghee of Conway , AR
Guerrilla 48/3000 HP Air Tank
Good quality tank and regulator for the money! Best price is here!!! Works Great!!!
antioch paintball park of antioch
the park has new tank's
i went there and they had new tank's so i rented one and they work so great i fill the tank to 3000 psi and i shot 648 shot that's great.
low teck of plymouth, ma
best starter tank
this is the tank i recommend to all beginning players. i have had one for a year now and it is always nice to have an xtra hpa tank. for this price (36 bucks), why would you go with a co2 tank? yes, it's heavier than a carbon fiber tank, but its same or lighter than than a 24oz co2. and yes it will only get you a hopper and 3 pods, but if you shoot more than that a match than you need to turn down you bps, or go semi!!! it wont freeze your marker or you hands either. GO AIR SON! for this pric...
Lexus Mendez of Waterbury CT
Nice,light awesome regulator. I got this from my friend with a TIPPMANN 98c (good gun) for 45$. Its extremely affordable(compare to a 20-24oz co2 tank) light and efficient.
Tyler of Central CA
Air tank
This paintball gun air tank is just one amazing tank in the picture it looks kinda big but in real life it is just the perfect size and is the lightest tank every i love this tank The only thing i can find wrong with this tank is that it is only 3000 psi tank that is great for the price dont get me wrong its just not as much output pressure so still great tank i love it
jason of
its a prety good nitro tank for the price
this nitro tank is prety nice the only problem is that it does not fit in my arm pit
Matt of El paso, tx
Air tank,
Really nice, i didn't have the money at the time to get a nice carbon fiber one and this one was supposed to be light. ALOT lighter then the rentable CO2 tanks the fields have and lasts me about 4-6 games without a refill(i use about a hopper(200round) a game. Only thing that sucks is it's a bi**h to find a cover lol
Curtis Castro of San Jose
Guerilla Air Tank
I just got this tank today, it is hella light, not 2.8 but 3.0, idk it might be and my scale might be off, but anyway this tank is very low profile its great, best 50 bucks ever spent,get this tank if u cant afford a carbon tank, plus its just as light