Empire X-Ray Anti-fog Paintball Mask - Black

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Empire X-Ray Anti-fog Paintball Mask - Black
Empire X-Ray Anti-fog Paintball Mask - Black
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Manufacturer: Empire
Mfg. ID: 21910

Empire X-Ray Anti-fog Paintball Mask - Black


  • Single clear lens
  • Sweat-absorbing foam
  • Hard mask
  • Plastic lens clip
  • Built-in browser
  • Sun visor

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Anthony Capezza of Plant City, Florida
PMI Defender Paintball Anti-fog Mask
I personnally like this mask because it covers the full face and the neck if you look down. It also has the "visor" looking attachment on the top. The only problem I have with this mask is that it does fog up for me. The glue that was holding the cushion for the nose and cheeks on the inside of the mask were weak so I had to adjust the cushion strap to the right postion and every ounce in a while re-adjust it because of the running you do during the game. I think because of the gap the cushio...
Thomas Lin of Boston Massachusetts
Hey guys just wanted to say that this is great for the beginning airsofter. This protects your face from bbs. Most if not all indoor CQB fields require you to wear full face masks. These are pretty comfortable. The tend to fog when they are used for a long time. However, there are defog spray out there that you can buy for it. It is great and it protects your eyes, nose, and teeth. You don't want to loose your teeth in airsoft. :). For the price on Zephyr Airsoft, you can't beat it. I find ot...
Michael Marchette of Garden Grove,CA
Great Mask
Hey everyone just wanted to say that overall this is an amazing mask especially for beginners. If your someone who is just starting out airsoting or paintballing and dont need some crazy mask then I would definitely go with this. It doesn't fog up and is very clear.
Zach of canada
extreme rage mask
okay mask, good for players that are staring or new to the sport. the foam on the inside though is a little hard so if u have a rather large nose, i recomend trimming the foam on the inside alittle so it fits better.
Colum Ewart of London
PMI Defender Paintball Goggle System
This was my first goggle system but i got the dye i4s Black/Gold recently cause my mask got beaten up and is quite old now.......... but anyway, it was a great mask, extremely comfortable with a good venting system and a nice lens. But i have gotta say, the dye i4's are a heck of a mask!
Mike of Boston, MA
PMI mask
I used this thing today and it was great, it only fogged up one and a couple times just some beads of water began forming on the inside but were easily removed. overall great product
Brandyn of Peoiria, IL
PMI Defender Paintball Anti-fog Mask
this helmet is great... it do3esn't fog up FAST, it does fog up, but not as much as rentals, for the price, it's good.
ben of columbia md
pmi defender antifog mask
this mask is for a first time paintball player. It is a prety good mask for the price but I wold spend a few extra bucks and get a pair of v-force goggles