Sly Profit Paintball Goggles - Black

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Sly Profit Paintball Goggles - Black
Sly Profit Paintball Goggles - Black
Sly Profit Paintball Goggles - Black
Sly Profit Paintball Goggles - Black
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Manufacturer: Sly
Mfg. ID: 200-05-000-01

The culmination of over 2 years of rigorous testing and development, SLY is proud to announce the debut of the PROFIT goggle system. Featuring industry leading developments in goggle technology, the SLY PROFIT Goggle is truly in a class of its own.The SLY Profit Goggle System accommodates all the demands of the modern tournament player in one stylish, affordable system.


  • Every SLY PROFIT Goggle System comes equipped from the factory with a thermal sealed, gradient lens, fading from a deep, rich smoke to crystal clear. This offers optimal shading from glare, UV, and infrared light at a distance, with crystal clear up close, downward vision for those tiny gun LCDs or your game timer.
  • NEW 3M-Engineered sealed thermal gasket system equipped in every SLY Profit Goggle. This new impenetrable white thermal seal offers the ultimate seal against moisture and paint seepage between lens layers.
  • Clear lens available cloudy or rainy-day play (low-light conditions)
  • Amber lens available for ULTRA low-light conditions (indoor or night play)
  • Industry-first gradient mirrored lens, for those bright, eye squinting summer practices where you still need to see up close.
  • NEW 3M-Engineered sealed thermal gasket system. This new impenetrable white thermal seal offers the ultimate seal against moisture and paint seepage between lens layers.
  • Velvet lined, soft cell foam atop molded impact absorbent SBR foam earpieces for that soft-ear bounce with pillow-like comfort. These earpieces muffle your own screaming and allow for superb directional hearing.
  • Lenses and colors for every style and situation of play. Featuring gradient chromed lenses for those sunny days, with clear downward vision area for those pesky LCD screens and cell phones.
  • Molded TPR vents for optimum heat dissipation and sound penetration.


  • Goggle\Mask
  • Gradient tinted, sealed thermal lens
  • Velour Anti-Scratch mask-bag
  • Mask storage container
  • Free Stickers
  • Manual\Instructions

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Peter of Maine USA
Love this mask! I did eventually buy a clear lens to use on more overcast or dark days but the stock lens works just fine! If you want a comfortable mask that disassembles with ease, BUY IT!
Arturo Ortiz of San Pablo , CA
Great mask. only thing is the clips that hold the lense and straps in place gets annoying and hurts. get a headband and youll be ok
Troy P of Florida
Sly Profit
Great mask! Fits well on your face, its extremely comfortable and has yet to fog even a bit on me and I have been playing with it for months!
ryan of washington
love this-
this might be the best set of goggles i have ever owned. the small profile is great, the no fog lens REALLY works well. the dual straps keep your goggles where you put them. it is a very comfortable mask. and the lens options are great. get this goggle set and you wont be sorry!
ryan of nevada
sly profit
Great mask! Stays in place, great ventilation, comfy awesome field of vision
avery of california
i ordered mine yesterday and there on there way cant wait to get them
Armando of California
These look so sick and the best thing is they come with stickers.
Shadow of USA
Sly Profilt
one of the best goggles out there! sleek, light, loks amazing, and gets the job done. to top it off, they dont fog up.
dabull of Dallas
Sly profit Paintball Goggles
These goggles look beast hopefully i can buy a pair for my birthday
R2ro84 of Oxnard
Sly Profit Goggles
They look pretty awesome...thinking of buying a pair next week hopefully they will be in stock.

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