Smart Parts Full Freak Barrel Kit 14"

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Smart Parts Full Freak Barrel Kit 14"
Smart Parts Full Freak Barrel Kit 14"
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Manufacturer: Smart Parts
Mfg. ID: spfullfreak14

This kit includes 1 BACK, 1 FRONT, 8 INSERTS, and a carrying case.

Please choose your back style & thread, front style & color, and insert style.

The new Freak Barrel is designed to fit any paint. There are eight different full length inserts for the back of the barrel to accommodate virtually any bore size paint. This three piece barrel design is the most versatile barrel on the market to date. Inserts slide in and out of the barrel back quick and easy making sure you can always have that perfect paint bore size match. The font will determine the length of the barrel. These kits are available in 12", 14", and 16".

Full Freak Barrel Kits are considered separate products by length. Make sure to read the product title for the barrel length. This kit is the 14" length.

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Zaq H. of Wisconsin
Autococker 14" Freak Barrel kit review
I love this. It works in all weather conditions. I have had this barrel shoot a 2'' by 2'' grouping at 50 yrds away. It is amazingly accurate and light weight.