Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun - Black

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Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun - Black
Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun - Black
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Manufacturer: Smart Parts
Mfg. ID: ionvsnvrtblkus

Ion Features:

  • Ultra fast rate of fire - 17 bps in semi auto and rebound modes, and 10 bps in 3 shot burst or full auto modes.
  • Extremely lightweight - weighs in at just 2.2 lbs.
  • Break-beam Vision eyes - shoot up to 17 shots per second without ever chopping paint
  • Interchangeable Body Kits - Instantly change the color of the Ion's body with numerous different composite shells
  • Adjustable trigger - shorten the trigger pull without ever taking the Ion apart. Full adjustable forward and back travel to customize the trigger exactly how you want it.
  • 9 volt battery operation - easy to find and replace 9 volt batteries. No more expensive battery packs. One 9 volt battery is included. Does not come with charger.
  • Easy disassembly - One 1/8" Allen wrench (included) is all you need to disassemble the Ion
  • Vertical feed tube O-rings - fit a wide variety of hoppers without having to buy a new feedneck
  • Durable ball detents - last 10 times as long as current ball detents
  • Gas efficient - get between 1000 to 1400 shots from a 68ci 4500psi fill
  • Impulse barrel and feedneck threads.
  • Includes barrel cover and parts kit
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jax of florida
this gun is awsome i take paintball really sriously its fast reliable and it better than my friends an he really dosnt like me beeing better so thanks
Dillon of French
The ion is a realy good gun for speed and durability but the only bad thing about it is the feedneck i suggest to switch
Justin M of CT
more than decent
Reliable gun. Still havnt chopped once. Use this as a backup and it shoots faster than my imp. However it is a pain having the housing around the body. the xe is a lot easier to clean if there was to be a chopped ball.
Jim of Tx
Its ok, not the best for the price
beb of ion
great gun first gun loved it it rocked my socks and the people
ANDY G of San Antonio
great marker, fast rate of fire if used with the correct hopper, durable, and light weight
dan egener of new york
This gun was my first gun. it is really good, fast, shoots really far, and very durable. great buy for a low price.
julius diaz of neew york
great gun ,fast reliable fast