Smart Parts Ion XE Paintball Gun - Black

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Smart Parts Ion XE Paintball Gun - Black
Smart Parts Ion XE Paintball Gun - Black
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Manufacturer: Smart Parts

The embodiment of affordable firepower. Ion changed the paintball paradigm by being the first marker to deliver true electropneumatic performance in the casual paintball player's price range. With multiple firing modes, an aggressive rate of fire, and break beam Vision anti-chop system, the Ion XE continues the Ion tradition of tournament level performance at a low price.


  • Bolt-Out-Back design makes this Ion easier to maintain than ever before. One allen wrench is all that is needed to remove the bolt sleeve, bolt and bolt stop from the rear of the marker, providing complete access to the entire bolt and valve assembly in seconds.
  • Weight (marker only): 1 lb. 15 oz.
  • Length (w/out barrel): 8.5 in.
  • Operating Pressure: 180psi
  • Gas Source: HPA or CO2
  • Anti-Chop System: Break Beam Vision
  • Trigger Pivot: Stainless steel pin
  • Ball Detent: Dual rubber style
  • Semi auto, rebound, 3 round burst (10bps max), full auto, (10bps max)
  • Max Rate of fire: 17bps (higher with Blackheart board)
  • Field legal mode lock
  • Runs on one 9 volt battery
  • Standard ASA included
  • Ion threaded one piece 14 inch barrel
  • Feedneck: Low profile friction grip vertical / NXT thread
  • Aluminum / polymer grip frame/body

Warranty: Smart Parts provides excellent customer support for their guns, they DO NOT accept any returns for refund. If you have any problem with your Smart Parts gun you must work directly with their customer service at (724) 539-2660 Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm EST. This includes any problems that are encountered out of the box. We will only accept Smart Parts guns that are new and unopened for return.

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yiep-yiep of santa ana
best gun ever
doode. this gun is legit. ive had it for sooooo many years. love it and all of the other smartparts markers!!!!
Meyer of amsterdam
I own this gun and it is the sickest gun ever it works amazing and the battery last quite a while
impressed of tx
sweet gun
this is my first gun it is awesome! ive went through many cases of paint and havent chopped a ball. before i got this gun all i shot was tippmans. and if ur thinking about getting a tippman for your first gun spend a little more for the firing modes, the speed, the bolt out back, and the eyes
David of Florida
Ion Xe
I have used this gun the stock internals were good on rebound for 17 bps but surely it wasnt enough i got the virtue bam its on! then like 15, 20 , then 25, then pow!!! 30 balls a second! this is a great gun just get virtue and then whatever upgrades you think are neccesary
Turk of AL
Nice gun
I went with the EOS. But basically the same gun. Mines just all metal and this is plastic. But all in all i had the money to add the metal. If your looking at the EOS and this and not sure which to get id get this. basically the same gun besides the chamber size. Get yourself some new detents and TechT Lv2 bolt and your golden. hope this helps.. dont get me wrong tho i love my EOS!
matt of texas
ion xe
now, i dont have this gun but, ive been looking it over for quite some time now it it looks amazing with 4 different fire modes, i would highly suggest this gun if you're looking for something lightweight (less than a pound!!)and with a lot of fire power(single,3-round burst,FULL AUTO). the only thing is, is that it runs on battery, im not saying thats bad,...but ive never used an electri gun so i dont know how long the battery stays alive for