Tippmann A-5 E-Grip Select Fire Trigger Frame

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Tippmann A-5 E-Grip Select Fire Trigger Frame
Tippmann A-5 E-Grip Select Fire Trigger Frame
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Manufacturer: Tippmann
Mfg. ID: T201008

The Tippmann A5 E-Grip Kit with Selector Switch is a serious upgrade for your Tippmann A5 marker. A right side thumb switch lets you switch from Safe to Semi to your choice of firing mode on the fly. A new Hall Effect magnetic switch activation last seven times longer than the previous physical micro switch activation and allows for resistance-free trigger activation. A new rear access battery door means no more having to take the grip-frame apart to change the battery and less pinched wires.

Firing Modes Include:

  • Semi Auto (1 shot per pull).
  • Safety 3 Shot Burst (3 pulls then 3 shot burst).
  • Safety Full auto (3 shots then full auto).
  • Turbo (ramping).
  • Auto Response (1 shot on pull 1 shot on release).


  • Three position external selector switch for changing modes on the fly.
  • Magnetic Hall Effect trigger activation for lighter trigger pull and last seven .times longer than traditional micros witches.
  • Rear access battery door for easier battery changes.
  • Weatherproof design doesn't fear a little rain.
  • Runs off one 9vt battery (not included).


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