Tippmann 98 Platinum Flatline Paintball Barrel Kit

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Tippmann 98 Platinum Flatline Paintball Barrel Kit
Tippmann 98 Platinum Flatline Paintball Barrel Kit
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Manufacturer: Tippmann
Mfg. ID: T202017

The Flatline Barrel System is the first production back spin barrel ever produced. The principle behind the system is Tippmann's newly designed slightly curved barrel, which applies centrifugal force to the ball, creating backspin. Not only does this system offer increased accuracy and distance but also offers flat trajectory for thick brush and canopy play. By minimizing trajectory of the ball and increasing accuracy, you increase the amount of targets which would ordinarily be out of range. The Flatline Barrel System adds 100 feet of flat trajectory. This barrel is 12 inches long for the perfect balance of efficiency and accuracy.

Tippmann 98 threaded Upgrade barrel compatible with the following markers

  • Tippmann 98, Model 98, Custom 98, Platinum 98
  • Gryphon
  • FT12, FT-12
  • US Army Project Salvo
  • US Army Alpha Black Tactical
  • US Army Alpha Elite

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phil of canada
flatline barrel
i have a 98 coustom stock with flatline barrel this barrel is easy to innstal and unstal it and works great gives you 180 feet range i havent brroken a ball in it yet i have my marker set to 256 fps and dosent break paint and useing x.o paint and zap throw it smaller the bore the better i give it a very good rating cuz it works and its small for tight places and legal to use in fields

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