Tippmann X7 / Phenom Flatline Barrel

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Tippmann X7 / Phenom Flatline Barrel
Tippmann X7 / Phenom Flatline Barrel
Tippmann X7 / Phenom Flatline Barrel
Tippmann X7 / Phenom Flatline Barrel
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Manufacturer: Tippmann
Mfg. ID: T210002

Tippmann X7 / Phenom Flatline Barrel

The new X7/Phenom Flatline is a top of the line barrel upgrade that can shoot up to 250 feet. Patented technology creates back spin on the paintball for long and accurate shots. This new look Flatline is integrated into the marker and is a great add on accessory. The Flatline barrel is easy to install and can increase your range by 100 feet. Safely sit out of range of your opponents stock barrels while taking them out one by one.

X-7 Flatline Features:

  • 10 inch barrel
  • Integrates with Tippmann X7 and X7 Phenom
  • Increases range by up to 100 feet
  • Shoot your competitors before they can even reach you
  • Easy five minute install with minimal tools required. This can be installed by a beginner.

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Jason L. of Ventura
X7 Flatline Barrel System Review
A VERY accurate barrel, but the accuracy comes at a price. I love nearly every aspect of this barrel. It has a great Mil-Sim look, for the avid scenario/woodsballer. It has top, bottom, and side picatinny rails which allows the mounting of additional accessories. It is easy to maintain, or clean, in case of a ball break. Its distance is incredible! Pros: - great looks - amazing shot distance - easy to clean Cons: - requires fine tuning to be accurate - requires top of the line paintballs do "...

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