TechT Paintball Smart Parts EOS L7 v.2 Bolt

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TechT Paintball Smart Parts EOS L7 v.2 Bolt
TechT Paintball Smart Parts EOS L7 v.2 Bolt
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Manufacturer: TechT

TechT Paintball Smart Parts EOS L7 v.2 Bolt

The L7v2 is the latest in Tech T bolt technology. It takes speed, accuracy and reduced kick to a level paintball has never seen!


  • The L7 weights just 7.4 grams, making it the lightest bolt in paintball history
  • The reduced weight of the L7, along with its teflon impregnated surface and high flow face, make it the best Ion bolt available
  • Due to the way that the Ion operates, reducing the weight of the bolt allows for the lowest possible dwell settings and the highest rates of fire
  • It's commonly known in paintball that the larger you make the firing chamber the more you can lower your gun's operating pressure... L7 takes both of these ideas to the EXTREME!
  • Due to TechT's patent pending "back plug" design, the L7 has the largest firing chamber of any Ion bolt... The new plug is a stationary part that is designed to seal and maximize the size of the firing chamber... The front o-ring seals the firing chamber, and the back one is used to hold it in place
  • This bolt has tested to be the fastest, most accurate and consistent bolt TechT has ever shot

NOTE: Will work for EOS model only!


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