TechT Paintball Ludicrous Speed Cyclone Upgrade Kit - Black

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TechT Paintball Ludicrous Speed Cyclone Upgrade Kit - Black
TechT Paintball Ludicrous Speed Cyclone Upgrade Kit - Black
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Manufacturer: TechT

TechT Paintball Ludicrous Speed Cyclone Upgrade Kit - Black


  • Tech T Cyclone Vortex MOD
  • Tech T Cyclone Lightning Rod MOD
  • Tech T Cyclone QEPH - Black
  • Tech T Cyclone Feed Double Stack Squishy Paddles

Vortex Features

  • The Genuine Vortex Mod is the most trusted and used cyclone feed upgrade in the world. It replaces the plastic internals that come from Tippmann, and ensures that your loader will never go down during a game. Truly a must have for anyone using a cyclone feed.
  • Operates your Cyclone down to 150 PSI or below (stock stops at about 400 PSI
  • Increase your ROF to 25 BPS+
  • Made of anodized aluminum and comes with a 1 year warranty through TechT.

Lightning Rod Features

  • The Lightening Rod will yield higher rates of fire, and increased air efficiency.The secret to the performance gains is that the Lightening Rod is made of anodized billet aluminum, and contains a self lubricating brass bushing. Less flexing and friction with each shot means better loading.
  • The Lightening Rod is designed to work in conjunction with the Vortex Mod, and together, the two parts will yield higher rates of fire - approximately 30 BPS!
  • The secret to the performance gains is the sealed brass bushings located where the ratchet and piston rod met.
  • The Lightening Rod is made of anodized billet aluminum
  • The Lightening Rod lowers the operating pressure of the Cyclone feed by 100 psi.
  • When used with the Vortex Mod, a player can obtain the lowest possible operating pressure for the Cyclone Feed.
  • This is the next step in making your cyclone even faster and more efficient!!!

Quick Exhaust Piston Housing Features

  • The QEPH (Quick Exhaust Piston Housing) is what adds a lot of the speed to the cyclone. Its extreme venting capabilities far surpasses anyone else's attempt to vent the cyclone's back pressure.

Squishy Paddles Features

  • The Squishy Paddles were designed to help people using the cyclone feed eliminate ball breakage due to cold temperatures, brittle paint and high feed rates.
  • The New Double-Stack Feature allows for more balls to be in the bottom of the Cyclone Feed. By putting more balls in the bottom of the loader it means that fewer shots will be skipped.
  • The Squishy Paddles are made from a much softer rubber than the stock A5, X7, and 98 Cyclone paddles. The Squishy Paddles have been designed to increase the amount of paddle surface area that actually touches each ball. This is accomplished though rounding all the edges on the paddles, molding each so that its as gentle on the paint as possible.

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Justin of NC
Techt Upgrade
This product is very good and the rates are accurate I get about 28 bps. Although you do have to upgrade to a trigger with a board that will keep up otherwise this product is useless.

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