TechT Tippmann Cyclone QEPH

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TechT Tippmann Cyclone QEPH
TechT Tippmann Cyclone QEPH
TechT Tippmann Cyclone QEPH
TechT Tippmann Cyclone QEPH
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Manufacturer: TechT

TechT Tippmann Cyclone QEPH

The QEPH is designed to rapidly vent the blast of air that is used to advance the loader. By venting the gas quickly, the loader responds instantly. This equates to faster loading with lower pressure.
The standard A5 piston housing has no venting ports (very bad). X7 Piston housing has forward exhaust ports only (better). Meaning that it only exhausts the air that is in front of the piston....not behind it. Its the air behind the piston that is doing all the work and really needs to be vented in order for faster loading.
The TechT Quick Exhaust Piston Housing is the preferred upgrade by Tippmann Users all over the world.


  • Rapidly vents air
  • Faster loader response time
  • Forward exhaust ports
  • Works with Tippmann A5, X7, and X7 Phenom
  • Works with Cyclone feed for Tippmann 98


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