ViewLoader High Voltage Paintball Gun - Factory Refurbished

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ViewLoader High Voltage Paintball Gun - Factory Refurbished
ViewLoader High Voltage Paintball Gun - Factory Refurbished
Zephyr Low Price:$49.95

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Manufacturer: Viewloader


  • Full Auto, 3 shot burst and Semi Auto
  • Fires up to 13 balls per second in Semi and 3 shot burst
  • Fires up to 9 balls per second in Full Auto


This product is REFURBISHED. Meaning it may have seen minor use, but has been reconstructed by the MANUFACTURER to comply with its quality standards for this particular product. With that said, we are simply a re-seller of this product and DO NOT provide any kind of warranty or guarantee on this product. The MANUFACTURER ALSO DOES NOT PROVIDE A WARRANTY ON THIS PRODUCT!!! If there is an issue with the gun due to manufacturer defect, then the manufacture's tech support will gladly walk you through any troubleshooting.

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bailey of dundee
its a great gun
this gun is amazing for its price it is fast, light and has 3 shot settings. 3 shot burst, semi-auto, and automatic. only downside to it is the 9V battery that needs to be replaced after so long but it dosent need replaced for a while.
bean of richmond va
high voltage
dudes this guns beats in u like full auto this is great i have hade it 4 like a year so go get it now it RULES!!!!!!
Aaron of NY
this paintball gun is the best!!!!!!
Aaron of NY
this paintball gun is the best it dosen`t just look cool it`s a really good beginers gun it`s also very acurate and has a good auto you should buy this gun if you are looking for a good reliable
Paintball Diva of NY
Love it
For the price, this is a great gun. I've played for hours with mine, and I've never had problems with chops, even in the three-round burst and auto modes. Upgrade the barrel, and it's a good starter gun for anyone!
daxxxroxxx:P of texas
paintball rox !!!
I think its underpriced but awesome it isn't worth the price.........its worth about $100 but its only half that lol it rox u shud definetly buy this item :D if u don't take my word then try it out for urself !!!!
David of Florida
this guin is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!
i bought this gun and it has not failed me yet!! and boy did i test it!! its the most trustworthy gun out in the market it will get anybody out of any thight spot its accreute and fast