Planet Eclipse Etha 1 Star Paintball Gun Package

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Planet Eclipse Etha 1 Star Paintball Gun Package
Planet Eclipse Etha 1 Star Paintball Gun Package
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Manufacturer: Planet Eclipse
Mfg. ID: PE-2066-ETHA_PRT
Sku: PE-2066-ETHA_PRT

Planet Eclipse Etha 1 Star Paintball Gun Package

Planet Eclipse has long been known as a market leader in high-end paintball markers and accessories. Their aim has always been set high; to produce the very best paintball equipment possible. Unashamedly, their products to date have always been aimed at the higher-end of the paintball market. They are feature- laden, finished to the very highest standard and immaculately prepared and presented. Entry Level they are not.

We understand that not every player has the budget for markers at that level. New or recreational players within the sport may not see the benefit in such fully featured products, but why should those players be precluded from receiving exceptional value and quality? We believe that they shouldn't be.

That was their philosophy when they set out to design their latest paintball marker. One that retains the core elements of all Planet Eclipse markers but comes wrapped in a more affordable package, allowing more players to enjoy the "Eclipse Ownership Experience" The challenge was on and we are proud to share with you, the... Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun!!!


  • Weight - 930g/2.05lb Including 14.5" Shaft4 Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, POPS
  • Length - 539mm Including 14.5" Shaft4 Barrel
  • Height - 212mm
  • Width - 33.5mm


  • Body - 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Barrel - 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Frame - Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Feed - Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • Eye Covers - Glass Reinforced Nylon


  • Interface - Single Push Button plus Tourney Lock
  • Display - 1 x Tri-Color LED Indicators
  • Solenoid voltage - 9Volts
  • Processor voltage - 5 Volts
  • Processor - 8-Bit 2MHz
  • Power Supply - 1 x 9V (PP3) Battery


  • ASA Mount - T-Slot mounted adjustable rail with Front Exit OOPS (On/Off Purge System)
  • Trigger Methods - Micro Switch
  • Trigger Mechanism - Leaf Spring
  • Trigger Pivot - Self Lubricating Sintered Brass Bushing
  • Barrel - 2-Piece Micro Honed Shaft4 14.5" length 0.693" Bore
  • Feed Tube - Lever Operated Clamping Feed


  • Operating Principle - In-Line Blow Forward Bolt
  • Solenoid Type - High Pressure Solenoid Valve
  • Drive Mechanism - Dual Force Pull Poppet
  • Bolt Mechanism - Rubber Tipped CS Bolt


  • Grip Type - Contoured Dual Density Grip
  • Grip Pitch - 156mm


  • Firing Modes - Semi and Ramping Capped and Uncapped
  • Debounce Modes - 10 Debounce Modes

Package Contents:

Zephyr Sports 48/3000 Compressed Air Tank

  • Standard: High Pressure
  • Light, compact and will give you up to 650 shots with a full fill
  • Industry standard output pressure 800psi.
  • Consistent high Flow Technology piston
  • Mil-spec Belleville springs
  • Dual safety rupture plugs for both bottle and marker safety
  • High quality 6000 PSI gauge
  • Durable nickel plated navel brass bonnet
  • Stainless Steel high pressure fill nipple
  • Dual locking set screws
  • DOT and TC Certified "Made in USA Aluminum Cylinder"
  • 5 year hydro test date

JT Revolution Hopper

  • 180 ball capacity
  • 12 balls per second
  • Agitated gravity feed
  • Jam fee operation
  • Infrared sensor

Anti Fog Paintball Mask (PMI or GenX Brand may Vary)

  • Single clear lens
  • Sweat-absorbing foam
  • Hard mask
  • Plastic lens clip
  • Built-in browser
  • Sun visor


12-month limited warranty period on your Eclipse manufactured electro-pneumatic marker. The Eclipse electro-pneumatic marker is warranted to be free from all manufacturing and production defects for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacture, unless a proof of purchase is provided in which case the period of 12 months will be from the time of original purchase. Warranty cover is dependent on successful completion, and receipt by Planet Eclipse Limited, of warranty registration either in electronic form on the Planet Eclipse website or via mail using the warranty card included in every Eclipse electro-pneumatic marker manual.


This product is NOT compatible with CO2. This product only operates with HPA, Nitrogen, or Compressed Air. Any use of C02 with this product will void all warranties.