Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun

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Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun
Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun
Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun
Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun
Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun
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Manufacturer: Tippmann
Mfg. ID: T101041
Sku: TIP-2010-T101041

The new & Improved Tippmann A5 is now more reliable, accurate and easier to maintain, and includes ten new upgrades. The Tippmann A5 comes standard with the Tippmann Cyclone feed. No more hopper batteries to replace and still 15+ balls per second.

Tippmann A-5 Features

  • Tippmann A5 Cyclone Feed System - feeds up to 15 balls per second without batteries
  • New External Selector Switch - allows players to switch easily from safety to firing mode
  • New Larger Front Grip - has a better feel and upgrades are easier to add
  • Tippmann A5 Threaded Stock Barrel - 8.5" high-performance stone-honed barrel enhances accuracy and reduces noise
  • New Redesigned Internal Bore - wider design for faster field stripping and easier maintenance
  • New Lighter Receiver Design - reduces the overall weight of the marker
  • New Tombstone Connections - maintenance is faster and easier
  • New Sling Mounts - removable front mount makes it easy to add a sling
  • New Low-Profile Hopper - offset design offers a clear sightline
  • New Black Gasline - provides greater on-field stealth and heavy-duty construction

Tippmann A5 Specifications

  • Caliber: 0.68"
  • Action: Semi-auto (open bolt blow back)
  • Power: Co2 or compressed air compatible
  • Hopper Capacity: 200 Paintballs
  • CO2 Capacity: NA
  • Feed rate: Cyclone Feed System - 15 BPS
  • Capable Gases: CO2, compressed air, nitrogen
  • Firing rate: 8 BPS (EST.)
  • Trigger: Manual
  • Finish: Black
  • Barrel length: 8.5"
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Weight: 3.11 lbs. (without tank)
  • Effective Range: 150+ ft

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Travis Johnson of
Tippmann A-5
My first impression with this gun is very good, it has a good BPS with stock trigger. The accuracy with stock barrel is not very bad. I bought a 14" to put on mine, and it now shots about an inch or 2 apart. Very good gun for a beginner. I enjoy shooting this more than a Tippmann 98 ACT.
Jimmy of North Carolina
Tipmmann A5
Yes the A5 is heavier than a speedball gun, but lightweight is not what it's designed for. The a5 will take a beating and keep on firing. Truly if you can't hold a 3lb gun, maybe you should hit the gym a bit. The cyclone feed is amazing and I never have to remember batteries. I mainly play woodsball and scenario games, so i don't need the insane firepower of a speedball gun, but if i do I can always add the electronic frame. All I ever have to do to maintain my gun is wipe it clean and throw ...
braden of conroe
this gun is good, but not my favorite. the hopper has a cyclone which prevents the paint to clog and you dont have to shake the gun. the A-5 has a very long range. the negative things about the gun is that it is heavier than most autococker guns and it is difficult to move quickly and it works more of like support. it doesn't have a double trigger. using a gun like the A-5 would be like some sniping tactics. what i mean by this is that you would be better off being sneaky with this gun. when ...
corcia25 of florida
tippman a5
this is a awesome gun but dont buy the flatline barrel buy the apex 2
William Collins of Harpursville New York
The 2011 Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun - Black is a lightweight more reliable paintball gun

Compatible with C02 & HPA / Compressed Air / Nitrogen. HPA is recommended for better air efficiency, quality, and overall maintenance of the marker.

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