TechT Paintball Tippmann A5 H.E. Select Fire Level 3 Upgrade Combo Kit

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TechT Paintball Tippmann A5 H.E. Select Fire Level 3 Upgrade Combo Kit
TechT Paintball Tippmann A5 H.E. Select Fire Level 3 Upgrade Combo Kit
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Manufacturer: TechT
Mfg. ID: CKTP17
Sku: TT-2040-CKTP17

TechT Paintball Tippmann A5 H.E. Select Fire Level 3 Upgrade Combo Kit

Upgrade your A5 H.E. With the TechT Level Upgrade Kit. This kit includes the Zero Kick Hammer, which reduces weight, increases the rate of fire, and operates more smoothly than the stock hammer. This kit also includes TechT Premium Gun Sav, to insure that your A5 runs at it's peak performance at all times. The 3rd level gets even better by including the Complete Cyclone Upgrade Package and the A-5 Fang Trigger, increasing air efficiency and rate of fire.

Upgrade Kit Includes:

Zero Kick Hammer:

The Zero Kick Hammer dramatically decreases kick for your Tippmann 98. This hammer is nearly half of the weight of the stock Tippmann 98 hammer, allowing for higher rates of fire, and gets the paintballs out of the barrel faster. This is one of the most noticeable upgrades you can get for your Tippmann 98.

Gun Sav Grease:

Lubrication is the life giving blood to any paintball marker. No matter if you shoot a DM, Autococker, Ion, or Tippmann, your marker REQUIRES lubrication. Since 2006, we at TechT have been messing around with various recipes and mixtures looking for paintballs' "perfect lubricant". Gun Sav is specially blended for minimal "stiction", and maximum part movement. Gun Sav adheres to the part, and stays were you put it.

Votex Mod SS:

The Genuine Vortex Mod is the most trusted and used cyclone feed upgrade in the world. It replaces the plastic internals that come from Tippmann and ensures that your loader will never go down during a game. Our parts are the hardest and most durable of their kind. They come Teflon Coated as well. No one offers our level of durability. Truly a must have for anyone using a cyclone feed.

Lightening Rod

The Lightening Rod is made of 7071 grade anodized billet aluminum which is stronger than any other like it. This stronger aluminum will not bend or break like the plastic, giving it a much longer wear life. It also allows all of the power needed to drive the Cyclone to be directed straight through the Lightening Rod to the ratchet system and not be lost in the bending action like the stock.

Quick Exhaust Piston Housing:

The QEPH (Quick Exhaust Piston Housing) is what yields the most increase in speed for the cyclone. Its extreme venting capabilities far surpass anyone else's attempt to vent the cyclone's back pressure.

Squishy Paddles:

The Squishy Paddles are super soft on paint and make shooting at high rates of fire without chops much easier. Our new Double Stack Paddles are our newest release help on cutting down on "pop-corning" inside the loader. These are a must for any one using a cyclone feed.

Fang Trigger:

An Aluminum Fang Trigger with Trigger guard for the Tippmann A5. Features dual roller bearings and 3 point adjustable. Kit includes our new Soft Double Trigger Guard!


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