WGP Synergy Refurbished Paintball Gun - Black

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WGP Synergy Refurbished Paintball Gun - Black
WGP Synergy Refurbished Paintball Gun - Black
WGP Synergy Refurbished Paintball Gun - Black
WGP Synergy Refurbished Paintball Gun - Black
WGP Synergy Refurbished Paintball Gun - Black
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Manufacturer: WGP
Mfg. ID: 13060
Sku: WGP-2010-13060


  • Open Bolt Blowback
  • Ergonomic 45 Grip Frame Assembly with Soft Grip Panels
  • Adjustable Trigger with Magnet Assist
  • Adjustable High Pressure Regulators
  • Clamping Feedneck
  • Macroline Quick Disconnect Hose
  • Replaceable Chip
  • 4 Fire Modes: NXL Full Auto, PSP Ramp, 3 Shot Burst, & NPPL Semi-Auto
  • Custom Milled Body
  • Compatible with Either Co2 or Compressed Air

This is a Refurbished Paintball Gun

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Juan of utah
The marker is amazing, I got mine brand new (not refurbished) and I love it. You really need an electric hopper. I have a gravity fed and the gun has never chopped paint any time I have ever used it, but when I let someone else use it, it chops 2 balls but i think it's just because they don't know how to use it.
Travis of Ohio
I bought this gun and the regulator leaked...i didnt know what to do so i just shot it a few times and it stopped leaking...hasnt leaked since so idk lol overall its an amazing gun very lightweight and accurate the non ported barrel makes it loud but you hit on your first couple shots so who cares if they know where you are at.....chopped only one ball ever and that was because i was using a gravity hopper.....an electric hopper is a MUST.the gun shots WAY too fast for a gravity
Val of CALI
It is a pretty good marker. Shot off a few rounds in my yard. The regulator leaks but it is an easy fix. The double tap trigger is amazing and the modes are alright
peyton of conroe tx
this gun is one of the best guns i have ever had especially the double tap trigger its awsome!!!!!!!!!
anthony of cali
this is a great gun, although its a refurbished marker they fix it up basically brand new, great fire rate, pretty light and it comes stock witha 14 inch barrel... i look this gun up on multiple paintball websites and it retailed 169.99. must have!!