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ZephyrPaintball.com delivers Paintball and Airsoft Gear at affordable prices on Paintball Guns, Paintball Goggles, Gun Upgrades, Air Systems, Airsoft Equipment and much more gear. Zephyr Sports was founded in 2003 as an internet retailer focusing on the sport of Paintball. We carry a complete line of paintball equipment with only the finest products made from top quality manufacturers. Some of these brands include: Dye Paintball, JT Paintball, Kingman, Tippmann, Ninja Paintball, Empire, BT, HK Army, Proto, Planet Eclipse and Dangerous Power. In 2005 we expanded to carry Airsoft Equipment with ZephyrAirsoft.com. Through ZephyrAirsoft.com you will find many types of Airsoft Rifles, Pistols, Ammo, Gas, Holsters, Protective Gear and many other products to meet your airsoft needs. Whether it is related to Paintball, Airsoft, Camelbaks, or Sunglasses, we want all options available for our customers.

We also carry a wide variety of Paintball Gun Upgrades that include Paintball Barrels, Boards, Grips, Feednecks and many other accessories to improve the look and performance of your paintball gun. For barrels there are many different brands & sizes but here at Zephyr we offer great beginner barrels such as the J&J Ceramic & more advanced barrels such as the, Dye Ultralite & of course the extremely light and accurate Deadlywind Barrels.

Our leading manufacturer of Boards comes from Virtue Paintball. Virtue Paintball are known for giving your paintball gun a major boost in its performance. Most electronic guns have only a few operating modes such as Semi-Automatic, Full Auto & some type of burst. With the Virtue Board there are many more modes to play around with. Having these options gives you the advantage over other players. Keeping you firing at a fast rate and for a much longer game time with its increase in battery life. This is just one example of the high performance boards that we offer. You can check out other boards such as Tadao & Hater that both offer something to look forward to.

There is so much more we offer beyond paintball guns and upgrades. A wide variety of Co2 Tanks/HPA Tanks, Paintball Hoppers, Paintball Harnesses, Paintball Clothing & Paintball Protective gear are all available for all types of players. We understand the importance of individuality. All players have different needs, some want to be as compact as possible for speed ball types of fields. Which means smaller tank, lighter jersey/pants, low profile loader. Some players take a different view on the game and don't have the same concern as being compact but rather need to blend in with their environment for tactical game play. Some may want to play in the woods or a jungle type field that get the best use out of baggy camo pants, realistic paintball guns & tactical vest to hold extra ammo and parts. There are many options with Paintball and that's why Zephyr is here to get you placed where you are most comfortable.

Paintball has grown so much in the last decade and there is no doubt that there is much more you can do to customize your appearance, your gun, your comfort, and your overall paintball experience. At Zephyr we make sure all Paintball related items are available for our customers. Paintball products are constantly being released and we take it upon ourselves to make sure our site has the newest and greatest on hand. Our user-friendly website makes it easier than ever to navigate your way through this wonderful experience. If you don't see something you are looking for it might still be there but in a category that was looked over, so remember you can always email us and/or call us with any questions or concerns to help your online experience be quick and simple.

At Zephyr, we welcome all feedback to help us stay strong and grow as a company. Our customers are most important to us, so never hesitate to let us know how you feel. All comments are important and needed so we as your supplier have an honest, open relationship for your internet experience. You can send us an email at sales@zephyrsports.com or give us a ring at 877-814-4297. Visit our Paintball Blog and Airsoft Blog. We also stay active with, Twitter & Facebook Like us, follow us and befriend us!