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2014 Dye I4 colors have been released. Be sure to check out the new bomber and ultralight colors for the I4 Mask
Dye Paintball Goggles

More Information:

Dye has come out with a new mask, one that makes players realize they don't need to shell out for a clunky machine formed hunk of plastic anymore. The Dye i4 is sleek, low profile, and anatomical. It eliminates the mask from the game, causing no obstructions or loss of vision. With a quick change lens system, this aerodynamic mask protect your face without you even noticing.

Dye i4 Limited Edition:

There's been a few runs of some limited edition colors, masks and styles done with these dye masks. The i4 black comes in a black and gold edition that has a 'black gold' lens with sick gold highlights to show off how much of a baller you are. A snakeskin textured white was also released with the limited edition black's alter ego, the limited edition white. The i4 white limited edition is the sexy alternative, with a clean white finish and gold trim that whispers class into the ears of all who gaze upon it.

When Less Mask is More:

The Dye i4 mask is at the apex of face protection and functionality. Dye incorporated a highly anatomical fit into the design that makes the mask easy to wear for long periods of time and keeps all those sharp edges from making you look like a raccoon. With two layers of high grade foam, this mask is comfy! The anatomical design also creates a lower profile that matches the contours of your face, and a pair or replaceable flaps cover your ears.

Unlike some masks, the Dye i4 will let you hear your team mates screaming about the guy coming up the snake before you get nailed. Large vents in the front of the mask let you scream back about the rush on the left (hopefully he has an i4 too or you might be down a man). The lens is amazing, originally made by Dye to keep the peripheral version of a Gazell (they have eyes on the side of their head), the human adaption keeps the unparalleled field of vision. A wide strap with 'tiger teeth' secures the mask to your face with a double set of buckles, easy to adjust on the field in case you eat dirt.

Rapid Lens Change System:

Took one to the lens? The next game is in 5 minutes? No problem. The i4 uses a quick lens change system so you can swap out or clean dye lenses between games and on the fly. Dye has a ton of i4 lenses including clear, HD, rose, blue, yellow, smoke, mirror and mirror gold, all thermal. The mirror i4 lenses are Dye's Dyetanium series and provide tint a shade darker than their smoke lens. The Dye mirror lenses are almost completely opaque, letting the player you're bunkering see the horror in his own face. On some models, the Dye i4 comes stock with an i4 HD lens (high definition) that enhances the contrast. This lens ups your game by increasing the speed of your visual recognition, let you process targets and options faster.

i4 Colors and Styles:

For all you player that want a 'pimp' mask for your 'gangsta' jersey, the Dye i4 comes in a variety of colors so you can mix and match just like your girlfriend. Liquid, Tiger, Cloth and flat textures are available, each adding a new 'flavah' to the mix. The colors change the accents of the mask, and lens mount of the mask with only the tiger and cloth series expanding the patterning onto the ear flaps.

The tiger series comes in orange, lime green and a grey. The cloth run with just a red and blue. The liquid series has been discontinued, but the flat set of colors is huge. Black, white, red, green, and blue are available for those players wanting a cleaner look. Matching the masks Dye jerseys are rocking it this year, especially the new Dye 2012 jersey line that has the same Cloth and Tiger styles for your i4 masks. If you're going to get the jersey, of course you want the Dye Pants. Released with the jerseys, the Dye 2012 pants complete your set of new threads with the Cloth or Tiger style. Get completely decked out with high quality Dye paintball gear!

i4 DyeCam:

Some love for all you scenario players out there, Dye made a whole mask just for you. The DyeCam i4 is in DyeCam (surprise!) with the only lower face protection that isn't black or white. Dye makes you feel even more special with a matching set of ear flaps, and strap tp complete the ensemble. This special edition i4 is preferable for desert camo, or your set of MultiCam (think we just lost the speedballers). Match your set of MultiCam or DyeCam with this awesome scenario paintball mask with all the benefits the PSP field players love.