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Empire Paintball Masks offer unparalleled performance to keep you fog free in the game. Empire Masks feature thermal anti fog lenses soft ears and a flexible mask design to get the most bounces. From the Empire helix, to the vidar, event and the new E-flex, Empire has a paintball goggle for everyone.
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Empire E-Flex Thermal Paintball Mask - Olive Green
Zephyr Low Price: $109.95
Save: $15.00 (12%)
Empire E-Flex Thermal Paintball Mask - White
Zephyr Low Price: $109.95
Save: $15.00 (12%)
Empire E-Flex Thermal Paintball Mask - Grey
Zephyr Low Price: $109.95
Save: $15.00 (12%)
Empire Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $32.95
Save: $7.00 (17%)
Empire E-Flex Thermal Paintball Mask - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $109.95
Save: $15.00 (12%)
More Information:

Empire E-flex - Just released for 2012 the Empire E-flex is the latest and greatest from Empire. Some have called this a mix betweeen the JT spectra series masks and the Empire event. The Empire Eflex uses the same thermal lenses as the Event. The mask bottom on the Empire E-flex is removeable and interchangeable with any of the JT Flex skirts or Spectra frames. The foam on the Eflex is insanely comfortable. No more complaints about the Spectra foam. A micro fiber bag is included to keep your Empire E-flex mask protected when done playing.

Empire Events - The Events have been out for a few years now but still offer a top of the line paintball mask with thermal lenses, soft ears and flexible mouth guard. The Empire Events come in a full line of colors to suit just about anyone's style. The vents on the Events goggle are specially designed to be breathable and project your voice through the field so teammates can hear you. A quick change lens system allows you to take your goggle apart in seconds for easy cleaning and lens replacement.

Empire Vidar Mask - Released in early 2012, the Empire Vidar is a mid level mask that give you alot of value for the money. Priced at about $50 you get a thermal JT Spectra style lens with 206 degrees of vision along with a silicone embedded strap to keep the goggles on your head. Plenty of venting on the Empire Vidar keeps you cool throughout the game and the soft chin and mouth guard give you a few extra bounces to stay in the game.