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Zephyr carries a wide variety of harnesses for your comfort. A Paintball Harness is much more than a Pod holder. The right harness will help with your maneuvering and comfort while on the field. Also, you might want to consider what position do you like to play when you're on the field? If you are a back player who unloads paint like crazy you might want to consider a harness that holds up to 7-9 pods. Let's start with a good starter harness that you don't have to carry around so much paint. Just getting into Paintball and looking for the basic setup that will provide you the comfort and extra paint needed on the field. The Kingman Spyder 4+1 Harness. This harness holds up to 4 pods. Each pod carries around 140 rounds of paint. It's nice to have that extra paint on the field especially for those who are trigger happy and your hopper is gone in a minute or so :-). Also this harness has a built in belt that clips on/off very easily. Most harnesses are either belt operated like the Spyder or Velcro. When you are looking at harness the (+) indicates how much more pods the harness can actually carry. In the case of the Spyder 4+1; the (1) indicates a holder for the Tank. If later down the road you decide to hold a tank attached to a Remote Line, this option is available. Some Harnesses may say 3+4. 4+3, 4+7, ect. Example - 3+4. There are 3 main pod holders and 4 extra pod sleeves if more paint is desired to be carried. It does get heavy so start with the minimal amount of pods to get yourself started and if you feel like you need more paint on you, you can always add another pod to your setup.