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The Dye Rotor Paintball Loader is standard in tournament paintball loaders. The Dye Rotor is lightweight only requiring three AA batteries. The Low profile of the Dye Rotor keeps the center of gravity and hopper tight to the gun. The tool-less design of the rotor loader allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. at 50+ BPS, the rotor will keep up with any gun and battery life is amazing with 50,000+ shots on a set of batteries possible.
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Dye Rotor Paintball Loader - Skinned Red
Zephyr Low Price: $199.95
Dye Rotor Paintball Loader - Skinned Lime
Zephyr Low Price: $199.95
Dye Rotor Paintball Loader - Skinned Navy
Zephyr Low Price: $199.95
Dye Rotor Paintball Loader - Barracks Grey
Zephyr Low Price: $199.95

More Information:

The Dye Rotor may have a quite simple structure but the internals are highly advanced. NO TOOLS NEEDED makes the Rotor a dissembling master piece. Break down this hopper for cleaning and maintenance with a push of a button. Durable construction with a low profile neck, that competes with other top of the line low profile hoppers. Runs off three AA batteries that lay perfectly in a compact tray by the neck providing an amazing battery life of 50,000 shots! A great feature that we think all paintball loaders should have is the spring loaded floor tray. This collapsing floor tray allows for maximum ball capacity, while ensuring reliable feeding down to the very last paint ball. You never know what position you will be in while shooting your targets so the spring loaded floor tray raises as you shoot making sure your shots are consistent and ready to go. The feeding rate is an impressive 40 Balls Per Second which is more than enough to keep up with any paintball gun on the market.

Is this hopper for me?

Take in consideration of what modes you are operating your paintball gun on and how many BPS you will be actually shooting. If your gun is not as high end that doesn’t need the fastest hopper than a Halo B or Halo Too might be the better/cheaper choice, but the trade off is reliability. You may not need 40 BPS, but it's good to know your gun will not out perform your hopper. The Dye Rotor loader will not disappoint, Halo’s and Reloader B’s may be cheaper but the speed and consistency you gain from the Dye Rotor makes it far more advanced and puts your mind at ease when you know your hopper will not fail you on the field.

Speed Feed?

The Rotor Quick Feed system is soft, flexible material that allows paintballs to freely feed into the loader while having rigid lining that prevents paintballs from falling out. Quick, easy way to reload paint on the go!

The Rotor Top Shell w/ Quick Feed is even easier! Simply replace the top half of your shell with this one that already has a quick feed attached. Also, it’s only $10 more and you get the entire top half! A

Increase Capacity?

Rotor High Capacity Top Shell are also available for an amazing increase to 250 balls! Still maintaining its low profile design you can now stay in the game longer

Other available items:

Is your color getting boring or maybe you just want to change it up for a bit
Color Accessory kits are also available that makes it easy to change the look of your rotor loader by swapping out the stock pieces for the included items: Colr kits include Lid, 2 Windows, 2 Logos