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The all new Invert Mini Paintball Gun from Invert Paintball. Weighing in at less than 2lbs, the Invert Mini is one of the best tournament level paintball paintball guns on the market. The Invert Mini features an autococker threaded paintball barrel for an easy upgrade. The hose-less design of the Invert Mini gun allows for a tighter grip on the marker so you can reduce your profile during the game. The Invert Mini will only run off of an HPA tank, co2 tanks are not compatible with the invert mini. Multi-point adjustable trigger allows for fine trigger adjustment. The front grip of the invert mini paintball gun houses the battery and the board. The stock invert mini board has multiple firing modes including psp and nppl tournament modes.
Invert Mini Paintball Guns
More Information:

Take a look at a completely different design. Experience no hoses, easy maintenance and a light setup. Inside the Mini you will find that all parts are organized for effortless servicing/cleaning. The board is located in the front grip giving quick access to change the battery or even for replacement of the board. The board is the "brain" of the mini - powered by a 9 Volt battery - it allows each player to configure their mini to their own personal needs, whether that be firing in semi-automatic or tricking it up to full auto. Changing the firing mode is only 1 out of the 5 functions the mini is capable of, but if you are just starting out and getting into paintball, the modes might be all that you want to tap into for now. Moving to the grips you will find a comfortable design that allows an easy grip for complete control while firing. Inside the grip is where your air transfer tube is located. What? Transfer what? Don't worry it's quite simple - Once you screw in the compressed air tank, the air begins to flow up the grips through the transfer tube - leading the air to the bolt making your gun ready to fire. DO NOT USE CO2 - this gun only operates on compressed air (any compressed air tank will work fine). Overall the gun is great for both starters and experienced players due to its simplicity in design.

What can I do to upgrade my Invert Mini?

What's great about the Mini is how customizable it can be. The barrel is Autococker threaded allowing for a more accurate design. The board, as mentioned earlier, has multiple configurations to play around with but once you start getting into the sport more you may want to be able to shoot faster, have more modes and get the newest technology with much more features - well it's 100% upgradeable, check out Virtue to learn about all the fun stuff your Mini is capable of doing. Bolts, Feednecks, Triggers and many other parts can all be replaced so don't ever worry about not being able to upgrade with the Invert Mini

What Maintenance?

Keeping the barrel clean will insure consistency in accuracy. Unscrew the barrel from the gun and give it a good rinse with hot water. You may also want to grab a Squeegee when you are on the go. It's recommended to take out the bolt before game time and give it a good wipe down to make sure no paint settles. Use some gun lube all around the o-rings to prevent cracks causing air leaks. That's it! The Mini only requires a minimal amount of maintenance

Invert Mini Frequently asked questions

Q - Can I use co2 with the invert mini?

A - No the invert mini is designed to only run off of compressed air. Use of co2 will damage the internals of the gun and will void your warranty.

Q - What kind of barrel comes on the invert mini?

A - The mini uses an autococker threaded barrel. The stock barrel is 11.5" long.

Q - Can I replace the feedneck on the invert mini?

A - Yes, the mini has in ion/impulse threaded feedneck that can be replaced. The stock feedneck is one of the best on the market so replacement is typically not neccesary.

Q - What is the difference between an empire mini and and invert mini?

A - In 2012, the company that owns empire and invert decided to rebrand the mini as empire. No changes were made to the gun beyond logo changes on the gun.

Q - What does the Empire mini weigh?

A - The Invert Mini weighs less than 2 lbs. The mini is insanely light and manueverable.

Invert Mini pros and cons


  • Lightweight - Less than 2 lbs
  • Tournament ready board - Most popular tournament modes are already included with your mini
  • No external hoses - No more issues with macro line leaks and hoses in the way
  • Clamping feedneck to keep your hopper secure


  • No on off asa - this can be upgraded down the road with the Empire relay on/off asa
  • Small size - If you have big hands the gun may be a little too small.