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Spyder Paintball Guns are great for beginners and intermediate players. Over the past couple years Spyder guns have proven their durability and consistency; whether that be with Semi-automatic Spyders or Electronic Spyders. If you are looking for your first paintball gun and don't want to spend too much on a paintball gun take a look at the 09 Sonix. Since technology is always getting greater so are Spyders. They are 15% lighter, 10% shorter, more durable and easier to maintain. The 09 Sonix is a quite simple design that operates on CO2 or Compressed Air. There are no electronics in this gun but you can shoot as fast as your fingers go with its semi-automatic setup. Only requires cocking (pulling the bolt back) once, then you are ready to shoot for a whole day of paintball. And don't worry about dropping the gun or falling with it when you dive for protection. This guns durability will last on any field and any woods ball area.

What's more advanced?

Maybe you are looking for something that is more comparable with what everyone else has on the field. It's great to have your options available when it comes to shooting faster. The 09 Spyder RT is a perfect example of an electronic paintball gun that is Semi-Auto, Full Auto, 3 Round Burst & 6 Round Burst capable that is still at an affordable cost. All Aluminum construction for maximum durability, double finger trigger for fast trigger pull. Running on a 9.6 Rechargeable battery the Spyder RT will show you speed and consistency. Just plug the charger in for a few hours and enjoy all day fun! Also, this Spyder is very easy to maintain. Bolt comes out with no hassle for easy cleaning and replacement if necessary. Entire gun can be completely dissembled in less than 5 minutes!

Should I use CO2 or Compressed Air with my Spyder?

Most Spyders can run off both CO2 & Compressed Air. Make sure you check with the product description of the Spyder before choosing which air to operate your gun on. All Semi-Automatic Spyders are CO2 capable. Why is this? Spyders that do not have electronic components run off very few parts that can withstand the cold pressure of CO2. Some electronic guns as well can run off CO2 but may eventually ware down the gun. What are the advantages of Compressed Air? Compressed air is much easier on o-rings, gears and other internal parts where as CO2 can freeze o-rings causing them to lose their shape and break which causes leaks, CO2 also can damage wires and boards if by some chance it was directed towards the board. Also, Compressed air is much more consistent than CO2. Your shots may not always be the same with CO2 - meaning CO2 can change its form depending on the weather. During cold weather CO2 is very unreliable and ball speeds vary from one shot to the next. During rapid firing, CO2 cools the whole gun which leads to inconsistent shots. All these are speculations and you may not even run into any of these problems. We just want to make sure people are aware of the advantages of Compressed Air.

Does Zephyr Offer Packages?

Yes, we do! We have all kinds of different packages that will fit your specific needs. We have basic packages such as the Bronze Package that offers a Mask, Hopper, Tank, Barrel Cleaner, Gun Oil and Barrel Protection Cover. This is the ultimate beginner package that gets you started with the very basics of Paintball. If you are considering the 09 Spyder RT you can find that gun with many different types of packages such as the Silver Package that comes with everything the Bronze does but also a 4+1 Harness that carries 4 Pods so there is no need to worry about running out of paint in game. A bigger jump from these two packages is the Nitro Packages. Let's take a look at the 1 Star Package - this package offers you a compressed air tank, electronic hopper, standard mask, gun oil, barrel cleaner and barrel protection cover. The advantages of the 1 Star include the fast response from the electronic hopper that force feeds the balls in your gun so there is no need to shake the gun! Also, the compressed air tank; like mentioned before, gives you consistency in your shots and overall performance!

If you are still unsure about what package to pick for your Spyder don't hesitate to give us a ring 877-814-4297 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to match you with your Spyder Package

What Upgrades are available for Spyders?

Zephyr carries Spyder Barrels, Feednecks, Bolts, Stocks, Triggers, Boards and much more to increase the performance and look of your Spyder. By adding an upgraded Spyder Barrel you will gain distance and accuracy, the updraded Bolts help with air efficiency and chopping. These are just a few of the many different upgrades that Zephyr offers for your Spyder