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The Proto Rail brings tournament level performance to the masses. Need an entry level tournament paintball gun that's lightweight with plenty of firepower? The Proto Rail includes boost forward technology to increasing efficiency and rate of fire.The 2012 version of the proto rail has new 3D milling, color coded o-rings for easy maintenance. The Proto rail will only operate with compressed air, Do not use a Co2 tank. Full detail and product review below
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Proto Rail Paintball Gun - Dust Olive
Zephyr Sale Price: $249.95
Save: $50.00 (16%)
Proto Rail Paintball Gun Nitro Starter Package
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Proto Rail Paintball Gun - Clear Dust
Zephyr Low Price: $249.95
Proto Rail Paintball Gun - Dust Lime
Zephyr Sale Price: $249.95
Proto Rail Paintball Gun - Dust Black
Zephyr Sale Price: $249.95
Save: $50.00 (16%)
Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Gun
Zephyr Low Price: $324.95
Proto Rail Paintball Gun w/ Proto EL Mask and Primo Loader
Zephyr Low Price: $274.95
Save: $100.05 (26%)
More Information:

The current version of the proto rail was originally released in 2011. The rail is designed for an entry level speedball player who's looking for a light and fast paintball marker, but doesn't have $500+ to spend.

2011 Proto Rail Paintball Gun Features

Body - The proto rail has an all aluminum body with 3d Milling to give you the look of a more expensive gun. A shiny RAIL badge on the side of the marker stands out and looks pretty good on the gun. The feedneck on the proto rail is a clamping feed that requires the use of an allen key to lock you hopper on your gun. The feedneck uses dm or matrix threads.

Grips and Grip Frame - The grip frame is a high impact composite. Typically composite may scare people, but proto did a good job and this frame is built to last. The proto rail grip frame has a similar feel to the DM series guns. Skinnier up top by the trigger and gets fatter on the bottom as you get to the ASA. The 45 style sticky grips are pretty comfortable and maintain grip even with a little moisture.

Barrel - The Proto rail comes stock with a 1 piece 11" Autococker threaded barrel. The barrel has a micro honed barrel surface for increased accuracy. This is a decent entry level barrel, but you will want to upgrade to a barrel that will allow you to change the bore size easily. Examples include the deadlywind barrel as well the dye ultralight or planet eclipse shaft 2 piece barrels.

Electronics - Break beam eyes are standard on the proto rail. No more chopping paint in the breach, vision eyes make sure a paintball is completely in the chamber before firing. The stock proto rail gun board is an led version pre-programmed with 4 modes - Semi Auto, Millenium, PSP, and full auto.

How's it fire? - At a max ROF of 15 BPS, not bad I'd say. The proto rail will run off of compressed air only. DO NOT use co2 as this will damage the gun. The hyper 3 reg included provides a high flow rate and easy velocity adjustable. A rubber non slip grip covers the outside of the reg. Boost forward technology was used in the proto rail. This gives you an air cushioned push on the paintball and delayed bolt speed resulting in increased efficiency and higher rates of fire. The rail runs at a low 165psi operating pressure. The bolt can be removed out the back of the gun for easy maintenance, just make sure you degas your marker first.

Zephyr Tech Questions and Answer

Q - What barrel thread is my proto rail?

A - The proto rail uses an autococker threaded barrel. The stock barrel is 11". Proto rail barrels starting at about $50 up through $150+ basically with paintball barrels, you get more accuracy and less weight as the price goes higher.

Q - Can a Proto Rail run off of co2?

A - No, The rail is only compatible with compressed air. The use of co2 will damage your gun and void your warranty.

Q - What hopper will work on my Proto Rail? Do I need electronic?

A - There are really only two kinds of paintball loaders - Standard (gravity feed or electronic) or the tippmann cyclone feed. The Proto rail will use any standard paintball hopper. You can get away with using a gravity feed loader on your proto rail, but we do not recommend it. You will slow up the gun significantly if you do not have an electronic loader. Any electronic loader that will feed above 15 BPS will be suitable for the proto rail paintball gun.

Q - I want to upgrade the stock Proto rail feedneck, Can I?

A - Yes, a feedneck is a very common upgrade on the proto rail. The stock version requires an allen key every time you want to remove your hopper. Any Dm / Matrix threaded feedneck can be purchased and installed relatively easy. Most people can do this themselves, but your local store will also do this for a nominal fee. A dm feedneck with a clamping collar is preffered

Q - Is the proto rail a good gun? My friend said...

A - Yes, proto makes a good quality paintball gun at an entry level price that you can upgrade down the road as you get better. Of course you really won't be able to compare a gun like the proto rail to a 1000+ dm or ego, but would you compare a corvette with an Impala? Hopefully not.

Q - My friend was talking about a pmr. Is a pmr and a proto rail the same thing?

A - the PMR was the original version of the rail released many years ago, The 2011 version of the proto rail is different and is not compatible with most PMR upgrades.

Q - Does the Proto Rail ever go on sale?

A - Sorry but pricing is set on the rail and we do not expect to offer any sales on these guns.

Previous versions of the Proto Rail

The Proto rail was originally released as the PMR as well as an 09 version. Prior versions may or may not be compatible with all upgrades. Please verify and contact us to make sure the parts you want are compatible.

The Special Edition Rail - and why it's so special

The Proto Rail that was released in 2007 was an extremely reliable gun for the time. A year later the Special Edition Rail was released that completely reformed the 07. Aluminum replaced the parts that were lacking structure. The back cap that was originally plastic tended to ware down very easily causing leaks and a stripped fitting. With the Special Edition Rail, an aluminum design took place giving a more durable cap that will last longer and give a good seal. Another upgrade that we find in the Special Edition Rail is the adjustable trigger that is also composed of aluminum. Having a slick edged trigger makes it easy for fast firing. One of the main upgrades on this gun is the 2 piece Proto Barrel - 14". The barrel on the 07 Rail was a 1 piece 12" that lacked in accuracy and distance. By having a 2 piece, 14" barrel you gain that accuracy and distance needed for a perfect shot on any field. There are many other upgrades on the Special Edition Rail that make the gun more air efficient, reliable and performance enhanced.

The 2009 Proto Matrix Rail

The Proto 09 Rail has a faultless design with its compact and lightweight body styling. The Ultralite frame is a work of art. All constructed from aluminum - no plastic parts on the 09 Rail. The Ultralite frame is the major upgrade on the Proto Rail. It's the most advanced and revolutionary frame in the world of paintball. The new hour-glass shape allows for maximum control and comfort. The Roller bearing trigger offers complete and total adjustment, helping you get your trigger exactly where you want it. The frame also includes an LED light which alerts you the status of your marker without having to take your eyes off the game. Changing modes has never been so easy with the Ultralite frame. Another major upgrade on this gun is the On/Off ASA. It's such a luxury of being able to turn on and off your air flow at any given time with a simple twist of a knob. Have you ever unscrewed your tank and since all the air was built up it made a loud pop noise and an o-ring went missing. Well now the On/Off designs allows a quick and simple cut off of air flow that will release immediately from the ASA making your tank easy to unscrew off your gun. No more frustration and worrying about o-rings. The regulator of the 09 Proto Rail was also redesigned giving a more air efficient setup. Being more air efficient means you gain more shots off your tank since your gun does not need to use a lot of air to operate. Dye designed the Proto Rail with the goal of providing you with tournament grade performance at a reasonable price.

What upgrades are available?

The 09 Proto Rail is a high performance gun right out of the box. Like most high performance guns not much is needed to boost its performance, but that does not mean there are not fun upgrades available. Carbon fiber barrels are available to make your gun lighter and more accurate such as the DeadlyWind Barrel, Bolts, Boards, Feednecks, Triggers and many other upgrades are available to enhance your Rail with its performance and looks!

Important Facts

- Only operates on Compressed Air/Nitrogen - will NOT work with CO2

- Autococker barrel threads for multiple barrel options

- Lube is a requirement to keep the o-rings from cracking that can cause leaks and other damages to your gun.

Remember to clean your gun on a regular basis. It only takes a few minutes to completely dissemble the Proto Rail. At the end of your long day of paintball take the barrel off give it a good clean down (water is ok), clean the bolt of any paint and dirt - apply a new coat of lube on the o-rings, use q-tips to clean the eyes, open grips and clean out any paint or dirt that may of slipped in. Feel free to give our gun tech a call at 877-814-4297 if you have any questions in regards to maintenance.