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Tippmann Paintball is the leader in scenario paintball. For over 25 years Tippmann has supplied the paintball industry with durable markers to keep you on the field, not working on your gun. The Tippmann 98 is the standard in field rental guns due to it's relability. The Tippmann A5 and X7 Phenom add better performance with that same tippmann reliability. Need a sidearm for your next big game? The tippmann tpx paintball pistol has you covered. In 2012, Tippmann entered the speedball tournament market with the release of the tippmann crossover.
Tippmann Paintball Guns
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Tippmann Crossover XVR Paintball Gun
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Tippmann A-5 Scenario Paintball Gun
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Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $79.00
Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $219.00
Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun - Carbon
Zephyr Low Price: $79.00
Tippmann X7 Phenom Super Pack
Zephyr Low Price: $499.00
Save: $100.95 (16%)
Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun - Skull
Zephyr Low Price: $79.00
More Information:

Tippmann was one of the original innovators of Paintball Guns. Most adult players grew up playing with a Tippmann Paintball gun. Originally the Tippmann Pro Carbine revolutionized paintball and brought it into the mainstream public view. Tippmann makes some of the highest quality guns in the industry always made in the USA. From the Tippmann A5 to the Platinum edition of the Custom 98 to the X7 Phenom, you can find what you need with a Tippmann. Whether it's a starter package or a scenario gun it can all be done. Tippmann paintball guns are the most upgradeable guns made. Whether it's the E-grip, Response trigger, or Cyclone feed.

Tippmann paintball markers are known to be great entry level or scenario paintball guns due to their ease of operation, low cost and bulletproof reliability. Tippmann Model 98 Paintball guns are the most popular marker used at commercial paintball fields. The ease of upgrading a Tippmann gun is another reason for the popularity of Tippmann Guns. You can start with an affordable base version of the Tippmann Custom 98 for around $139. As you learn the game of Paintball and require more firepower, your Tippman marker will upgrade with you by installing either the Response trigger or Electronic E-grip upgrade.

What’s the difference between the 98 & A5?

One of the major differences is the Cyclone Feed on the Tippmann A5. The Cyclone feeds a ball into the chamber every time you fire and does not require batteries. It uses excess air that would have otherwise been wasted anyways. Although the 98 Custom only comes with a standard gravity fed hopper the 98 Cyclone Feed is available as an upgrade. Also, with the A5 there are more military cosmetic upgrades for a realistic feel – AK47, M16, M4 and many more! Both the 98 Custom & A-5 are very much dependable, accurate and the best for the price.

The Tippmann X7 Phenom

The Tippmann X7 paintball gun is one of the most durable paintball guns on the market. Throw it, step on it, dunk it in water, cover it in dirt, tie it to the back of your truck and drag it for 4 miles. Actually, don’t do the last one. If you did though, I’d bet it would stay in tact. The durability is not the only thing great about this gun. The X7 is completely customizable. Give it that realistic look and feel with modifications such as the AK47, M16, and others. If you are looking for the ultimate tippmann paintball gun, than the X7 phenom is your gun for its consistency in shots, air efficiency and overall performance. Also, just like the A5 & 98 it’s available with the E-grip or Response Trigger.

Barrel Threads?

Tippmann has two different barrel threads with its markers. The Tippmann A5 and X7 phenom paintball guns and BT combat markers use Tippmann A5 Barrel Threads. The Tippmann Custom 98, custom 98 Pro, US army guns as well as the tippmann gryphon and all Tippmann 98 Platinum markers use Tippmann 98 Threads. A5 and Model 98 threads are NOT compatible with each other. Make sure you select the appropriate Tippman barrel threading according to which Tipmann gun you own. If you ever have any questions in regards to this don’t hesitate to give us a quick ring 877-814-4297

What Barrels are Available?

Tippmann paintball guns are the only markers that are compatible with the patented Flatline Paintball Barrel System. The Flatline Barrel is one of the most popular barrels that is mainly designed/used for scenario/woodsball games for its major increase in distance. The reason for its popularity is because of it's curved design that puts a back spin on the ball. Giving a back spin gives you a much more accurate shot and adds distance that you will indeed notice.

Leaning more towards speedball that does not require much distance but rather more accuracy. A solid barrel to start with that is inexpensive and will give you more accuracy and distance is the J&J Ceramic Tippmann Barrel available in A-5/X7 & 98 Threads. Given its ceramic coating; if you happen to chop a ball in the barrel, the paint will not stick to the inside of the barrel making it a self-cleaning barrel by being able to shoot a couple shots and the paint will fly right out of the barrel. Squeegee may still be necessary but will be much less of a mess. If you are looking for a light, more accurate barrel we also supply the very popular carbon fiber Stiffi & DeadlyWind Barrels. Both brands are composed of a durable carbon fiber wrap that makes your complete setup extremely light. Weight is not the only great feature about these barrels, their consistency is well looked upon and will not disappoint. These are just a few barrels available for the Tippmann's. Check out this category page for more options with the Tippmann A5 Barrels & Tippmann 98 barrel Threads

What’s all the hype about a Remote Line?

A Remote Line is a great upgrade to consider. Highly recommended for CO2 users – because of the cold liquid gas from the CO2 that runs directly into your Tippmann this may cause damage to internal parts that can be costly. CO2 will work fine on the Tippmanns since they are extremely durable and all components are made for it, but the consistency can be helped with a remote line. By having the remote line the CO2 does not make direct contact; the long line will distribute the CO2 appropriately into the gun which will be a lot cleaner on your gun and your shots will be more consistent. Once you have a remote line you can then put your tank in a Harness that will relieve your gun of that heavy weight. Just make sure whatever size tank you choose whether it be CO2 or Compressed air fits in the desired Harness. One that usually fits most tanks that is great to start with is the Maddog 4+1 Check our product descriptions for sizes and if you are not sure just remember to email or phone us!