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Shopping for Paintball Guns? Zephyr Paintball has you covered. We stock a complete line of paintball markers from all the top vendors at the lowest prices on the web. Check out what we have on sale today or chat with the staff from Zephyr to choose the ultimate paintball gun for you.
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Tippmann X7 Phenom Super Pack
Zephyr Low Price: $499.00
Save: $100.95 (16%)
Azodin Blitz Evo Paintball Gun - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $199.95
Airow Gun .50 Caliber Paintball Unit Attachment
Zephyr Low Price: $179.99
Save: $30.00 (14%)
Best Seller
Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto Paintball Marker - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $89.95
Save: $30.00 (25%)
Airow Gun .68 Caliber Paintball Unit Attachment
Zephyr Low Price: $179.99
Save: $30.00 (14%)
Airow Gun .22 Caliber Pellet Kit w/ Diamond Infinite Edge Bow - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $459.99
Save: $40.00 (8%)
Airow Gun .22 Caliber Pellet Unit Attachment
Zephyr Low Price: $199.99
Save: $30.00 (13%)
Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun - Black
Zephyr Low Price: $79.00
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More Information:

Paintball Guns

Zephyr Paintball keeps in stock the full line of paintball guns, paintball markers, Package sets and starter kits for the paintball enthusiast. We have been in the paintball business since 2004. We are paintball players who know the sports and have played paintball for years. Needs some help choosing the right gear? Give us a call or use our live chat to get all of your questions answered. Our paintball shop carries a full line of Paintball Guns from Azodin, Dangerous Power,BT Paintball, Dye, Empire Paintball, Proto, Spyder,Tippmann, Tiberius, JT USA, Gog, Smart Parts, Invert and Planet Eclipse paintball markers, as well as other discount paintball Guns and paintball markers. Our line of Paintball guns continue to grow daily with the BT TM7, Tippmann X7 Phenom, Custom 98, and Tippmann A5, as well as Planet Eclipse guns the Etha, Etek 4, Ego and Geo. For Dye and Proto we have the DM, DAM, Dye NT, Proto Rail and Proto Reflex Rail.

Semi Automatic Paintball Guns

Cheap Paintball Guns are typically of the Semi Auto variety. Ranging from $40 up to about $150, Semi-auto paintball guns will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Limited to around 5-10 BPS (Balls per second) these are great entry level paintball guns when you are playing against pump paintball guns or other semi auto markers. Don't expect to keep up with Electronic guns though.

Electronic or Automatic Paintball Guns

When your looking for firepower, you need to go with an electronic paintball gun. Using an Electronic board to increase your rate of fire will give you the firepower to spray your friends with a wall of paintballs. Automatic paintball guns start around $100 and range up to $2000. some of the features of the different markers include electronic vision eyes so the pinabtll gun will only fire when you have paintballs in the chamber to reduce the chances of chopping paint. As you move to the higher price point in this category, you have multiple and programmable firing modes, full auto, 3 shot burst as well as NPPL, PSP and other tournament modes. You can adjust your rate of fire, dwell and numerous other settings. For most people, you'll never need the high end tournament paintball guns, but if your willing to spend the extra money you will be amazed at the difference.

Alien Paintball Guns

A small US based company, the Alien Invasion is there flagship product. Current pricing on the alien invasion is $499. At this price they are a steal. This is a marker that just a few months ago sold for $700. The invasion features a hoseless design, no macro lines or steal hoses to get in your way. The invasion operates at a low 70 psi for ultra smooth operation and almost no kick. Did I mention that this comes stock with a hater board? Typically that's a $100 upgrade from a stock gun. Take another look at the invasion, you won't be dissapointed.

Azodin Paintball Guns

Azodin makes a great line of entry to mid level paintball guns. Perfect to get you in the game through entry level tournament play. The Azodin Kaos Paintball gun is their entry level Semi Automatic paintball marker that will run on compressed air or CO2. A solid gun for the beginner that is a vast improvement over renting a paintball gun at your local field. The Azodin Kaos as well as most other Azoding paintball guns use an autococker threaded paintball barrel and Impulse/ Ion threaded feedneck to make for easy upgrades. The Kaos comes in multiple colors as well as the Kaos D with he Zero Recoil System and the Kaos Pump for all of you old school pump paintball gun fans. Looking for a more tactical look? take a look at the azodin ATS (Azodin Tactical Series) and ATS+. A Semi Automatic paintball gun similar to the kaos, but with a nice tactical look along with rails and stock upgrades to mimic you favorite military gun. With the Azodin Blitz, you get into the first of the Electronic Azodin guns. The Azodin Blitz has a high performance valve for unequaled efficiency, accuracy and rate of fire. The Azodin Blitz comes in multiple colors and includes the new improved Zen II circuit board to extend battery life. With multiple pre-programmed firing modes and the ability to customize your modes at your local shop using the AZ editor, your set for the future. At roughly $150, you get alot of bang for the buck out of thie entry level paintball gun. The top of the line Paintball marker for Azodin is the Azodin Zenith. The Zenith paintball gun has Azodinz Zero recoil system which includes the feather striker system. The feather striker system is about 30% lighter than a traditional striker reducing recoil and increasing your firing rate. The Azodin Zenith also boasts the Zen2 board for unlimited programmability.

Dye Paintball Guns

Dye is the ultimate in high end tournament and scenario paintball guns. Dye currently makes two guns, the DM series, currently the DM13 and the Dye DAM Dye Assault Matrix. The DM sells for about $1400 and is designed for the high level tournament player, or someone who wants the ultimate firepower at there local field. In 2012, Dye entered the scenario market with the Dye DAM. The Dye Dam allows hopper or magazine fed operation and is a thing of beauty. Dye paintball guns are engineered for the highest level of paintball. maximum rates of fire can exceed 25 BPS when you want to spray your opponents.

Proto Paintball Guns

Proto guns are low to mid range starting at $250 and going to 500+. Proto is know for the Proto Rail paintball gun. the Rail currently comes in two versions, the standard proto rail runs about $250 and is a solid entry level paintball gun out of the box. be sure to only use compressed air on any proto paintball guns. The standard rail has a max rate of fire of 15bps. The upgrade from the proto rail is the proto reflex rail. Starting at $500, the reflex rail includes the popular ultralight grip frame and is ready to rock your next paintball tournament.

Spyder Paintball Guns

Spyder Paintball is one of the top manufacturers of entry level paintball guns. If your first paintball gun wasn't a Tippmann 98, it probably was a Spyder. Spyder makes a broad range of paintball markers for the entry level player, all the way up to rec level tournament play. Entry level guns from spyder include the following Semi Automatic guns. The spyder Sonix Spyder Sonix, MR1, Victor, and Xtra are all semi-automatic and great hassle free beginner guns. Don't expect these guns to compete against the firepower of an Electronic Paintball gun. Spyder's Electronic line of guns include the Spyder Fenix, MR4 and Electra. These markers will shoot significantly faster with programmable electronic triggers. Typically all tournament modes will be included PSP, NPPL, etc(See Product Specific details) Spyder Guns will allow you to use either Co2 or Compressed Air although We always recommends HPA or compressed air tanks for a more enjoyable paintball experience. In 2012 Spyder released a new line of markers. The Hammer 7 is a composite pump for all you old school player. The pump is mag fed and will accept both standard .68 cal paintball and tiberius arms first strike rounds. The Spyder MRX allows you to choose from mag fed or hopper fed operation. An elite version is available with a bunch of tactical upgrades included. The latest version of the MR series, the MR5 was released in both a semi auto and electronic version. This also includes hopper or mag fed operation with the choice of standard paintballs or first strike rounds.

Tippmann Paintball Guns Tippmann makes the most common entry level paintball guns in the game. If you've rented at your local field you probably have used some version of the tippmann 98. The tipmann 98 is the gold standard in rental guns. The 98 is also designed to allow you to upgrade down the road with an electronic grip, response trigger, flatline barrel or any other tippmann 98 threaded barrel on the market. The 98 is rock solid and I've even heard plenty of cases of them being run over by cars and still working. Although i wouldn't recommend you try it.

Paintball Gun Questions and Answers

- Q What kind of hopper do I need for my paintball gun.

A - Unless you have a tippmann paintball gun with a cyclone feed or BT paintball gun with the Rip Clip, you will use a standard paintball loader. If you have a tippmann or bt, your choices will be limited to a gravity fed hopper that will clearly says it is cyclone feed compatible. All other paintball guns will use a standard paintball hopper, just choose gravity fed if 3-6 BPS is sufficient for your paintball marker. Electronic hoppers start at 8-12 BPS and go all the way up to 50+BPS with the Dye Rotor.

- Q - Can or Should I upgrade the barrel on my Paintball Gun?

A - Yes, the paintball barrel is typically the first upgrade you want to make on any paintball gun priced below $500. The stock barrel on these paintball guns is typically decent, but for the best performance you will want to upgrade to a barrel that allows you to adjust the bore or internal size of the barrel to match your paintballs. Paintballs tend to vary slightly from batch to batch and even depending on humidity and temperature. Higher end barrels like the Dye Ultralight, Deadlywind carbon fiber, Smart Parts Freak and Empire Super Freak System are highly recommended. Just make sure you check what thread type is on your gun. The most popular paintball gun barrel threads include autococker, spyder, tippmann 98, tippmann A5/X7 and Ion / Impulse / Smart Parts thread. All of the paintball guns on our site should list the barrel type on the product and category pages for reference.

- Q What do I need to buy with my Paintball gun to play paintball?

A - When you buy your first set of paintball gear, there's a few things you'll need. First of all, you need a paintball mask to keep you safe on the field. You will also need to buy a loader to hold the paintballs, a tank to provide gas to your gun as well as some paintballs. You may also want a harness to carry some extra paint for those long games. Zephyr offers a complete line of paintball packages to get you on the field and ready to play without the hassle of knowing.

How about scenario paintball? We stock a full line of scenario paintball guns and gear you will need to get in the game. Zephyr Paintball will price match other online paintball stores on all in stock merchandise on cheap paintball guns or any paintball gear. We are the online leader in discount paintball. Just call 805-275-2040.