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Dye Precision Paintball, Play to Win

Dye is one of the largest innovators in the world of Paintball. They've been around long enough to know what products their customers want and what quality they are expected to perform at. Dye has the leading technology in the business, and they have come a long way to get there. It started in a kids garage, and now it's one of the largest paintball manufacturers around. Their high quality material exceeds every expectation, so if you want to win go for Dye today.
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Dye Performance Knee Pads - Black
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Dye Precision Paintball, Play to Win

History of Dye

In 1994, world renown professional paintball player, Dave Youngblood, began making barrels in a garage with Earon Carter of Carter Machine. In the short span of time from '94 to '09, Dave transformed DYE, or "Dave Youngblood Enterprises", into the pinnacle of performance paintball products. It all started with a single barrel, the Boomstick. It's name is relative to the effect it had on the industry as a whole. Now Dye offers anything and everything for the sport, from socks and squeegees to high end markers, electronic loaders, and goggle systems. Today, Dye continues to innovate within the sport of paintball; constantly raising the bar and releasing revolutionary products.

Carbon Fiber Boomstick Barrel

Dye Precision Paintball has done it again, revoulutionizing the sport in which they rain supreme. With the Dye Boomstick Carbon Fiber barrel you will have greater speed, accuracy and agility. Virtually indestructible, this Barrel will last you through the toughest games and the hardest falls.

DM Series Paintball Gun

The 2011 DM Series features a low-maintenance internal patented Eye Pipe anti-chop sensing system that is self cleaning, providing trouble free high rates of fire. Durable and super-flexible detents offer supreme tenderness to the most brittle of paint. The Ultralite Reach Trigger allows the trigger's reach and rake to be fully adjusted by the user for ultimate individual ergonomic comfort. Weighing in at 1.9lbs, the Dye DM11 is lighter than it's predecessor, the DM9. All of these innovations, coupled with new 3D body styling and standard features like the second generation Ultralite frame, tool-less Ultralite Sticky3 grip, two piece 14" Ultralite barrel, cam lock feed neck, and cast aluminum inset DYE logo, it's easy to see why the 2011 DM Series is "The Choice of Champions."

NT Series Paintball Gun

The 2011 NT series offers a revolutionary technology break through in air usage efficiency, accuracy performance and stylish design. The NT is not only the most air efficient and accurate paintball gun Dye has ever produced, it is also the lightest and most compact in its category. Continuing with Dye's famous patented spool valve design, the new NT Boost Bolt design is the ultimate refinement of next generation spool valve technology. After several years in development, the NT sets a new performance standard for all high-end paintball markers to aspire. Simply put, the best just got better.
The Boost Bolt system is supported by a redesigned circuit board with faster processing and providing more accurate ROF control. Comfort and stability is assured with the second generation Patented Ultralight grip frame design, providing improved trigger adjustment, new retained push button system, and a redesigned battery mounting system. This grip frame combination is easily accessed through a new first for the industry, full wrap-around, tool-less sticky grip design. Mounted to the bottom of the UL frame is the new UL airport that operates with a simple easy turn, low profile knob that allows forward placement for maximum comfort.