GoG Paintball eNVy Paintball Gun - Black

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GoG Paintball eNVy Paintball Gun - Black
GoG Paintball eNVy Paintball Gun - Black
GoG Paintball eNVy Paintball Gun - Black
GoG Paintball eNVy Paintball Gun - Black
GoG Paintball eNVy Paintball Gun - Black
GoG Paintball eNVy Paintball Gun - Black
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Manufacturer: GOG
Mfg. ID: eNVy-BLK

GoG eNVy Paintball Gun

Designed for entry level and field rental players, the GoG Envy will hold up against some of the best guns in paintball! Straight out of the box, the GoG Envy shoots a solid 11 Balls Per Second and can easily be upgraded to shoot up to 25BPS. The stock board on this baby is fully capable of various firing modes including: semi auto, fully auto, 3 shot burst, PSP and BillBall! Easy maintainability with its Bolt Out Back design allows for full gun cleaning (inside and out) in minutes rather than hours after a full day at the field. Guaranteed to perform with either C02 or HPA, the GoG Envy is also equipped with the Max-Flow R vertical regulator. This enables its user consistent shooting all day! Not only consistent shooting, but also the GoG Envy comes with a 2 point adjustable trigger which gives the user the ability to adjust the length and feel of each trigger pull. Couple that with the option to use any Smart Parts threaded paintball barrel (Ion, Impulse, NXY Shocker) and you are set to dominate the competition on the field regardless of your playing level!


  • 11 bps (upgradable to 25+ with QEV and board)
  • Hammer free Electro-pneumatic Design
  • Standard Semi auto, fully auto and 3 shot burst also PSP & BillyBall modes
  • Simple 9-Volt Operation
  • Mulit-Gas Operation
  • Light Microswitch Trigger
  • 2 Point Adjustable Trigger
  • Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
  • Low Bolt Pressure Anti-Chop technology
  • Field Legal
  • Seal Forward Technology
  • Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
  • Standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread
  • Vertical Feed Breech - Clamping Feedneck

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Mike of New York
Gog Envy
Great gun, but on the down side the description of the gun says it can run on co2, but in reality it just wears the gun down and makes it freezes when you use it. So if your looking to buy this gun then i recommend you purchase a pressurized air tank for it.
Matt of Arzona
GoG eNVy
What a great marker! For he money, you cant beat the performance. It is nice and lightweight and has a beautiful milled look to it. The aluminum receiver ensures durability when you dive or fall. The gun is quiet and gives you the most bang for your buck. For under 100 bucks, You can get a nice electronic hopper and the blackheart upgrade board and get it to shoot up to 25bps. Talk about performance! What a great marker for any beginner looking for a little woodsball or amateur playing. Only ...
Veli of Daytona Beach, FL
Great gun, Ive had it for a year and i can for sure say that it is my baby. Amazingly acurate, shoots fast, easy to take apart, doesn't jam. Just an overall great buy for the price.
mc paintball of fl
this gun is awesome its super light its a intermedit speed ball gun and a expert woods ball gun but won speed ball team does use the envy there front men so its a good gun ps its the notey dogs and yes they are pro
Stephen Baxter of Montreal
Smart Parts Vibe / GoG eNVy
This gun blew me away. For the money, you get a light, accurate, quiet, and while not the fastest, decently quick shooter, and it's a blast to shoot. For the price of any given Proto or Etek, you can buy this gun with an electric hopper (I use the Invert Halo TOO), a nice barrel (I use the All-American 2-Piece) and an HPA tank. Top that off with a pod harness and a decent mask, like the Invert Avatar or Dye i4, and you've still kept about under 500 bucks. This gun is no Dye or Ego, but for th...

Compatible with C02 & HPA / Compressed Air / Nitrogen. HPA is recommended for better air efficiency, quality, and overall maintenance of the marker.

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